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Degree Completion Time Frame

The maximum time frame for the completion of a degree is limited by federal regulations to 150% of the published length of the degree program. This includes transfer credits and all attempted credit hours, including

  • completed credits
  • audits
  • incompletes
  • withdrawals
  • repeated classes
  • failed classes.

Undergraduate and post-degree students are eligible for financial aid up to 150% of their degree requirements, based on what is published in the official PCC catalog. This includes transfer hours.


The Pima Office of Student Financial Aid reviews your number of credit hours attempted at the end of every semester. Once you exceed the maximum time frame for your program, you will no longer be eligible for federal or state financial aid for any future semesters at PCC.


Pima automatically allows the maximum credits as specified by federal regulations. An appeal maybe submitted to explain your reasons for not completing on time. 

See also:  Satisfactory Academic Progress