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Hours Completed

Federal regulations require you to achieve a minimum completion rate of 67% of attempted credits in order to remain in good financial aid standing. For example, if you have attempted 80 credits, you must have completed 54 of the credits to be considered successfully meeting the minimum completion rate.

How Will My Hours Be Evaluated?

Evaluation will occur at the end of each semester after final grades are posted. You will be evaluated for all of your attempted, earned and transferred courses.

Audited courses are ineligible for financial aid funding and do not count toward the total number of earned credit hours for that semester. They DO count toward your maximum cumulative credit hours.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits are not eligible for financial aid funding.

Repeat courses are counted in the total number of credits for that semester and may only be funded twice with state and federal financial aid. Students receiving scholarships should confirm acceptance of repeat classes from the scholarship donor.

See also: Satisfactory Academic Progress