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How to Apply for Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid is pretty easy!  You must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online or on the new mobile myStudentAid app.  In that form, indicate that you want Pima Community College to receive your FAFSA data by entering our school code of 007266.  After we get your FAFSA data, we will place action items (red X icons) that you need to take care of on your MyPima Financial Aid tab. After all red X icons are submitted (they turn to green checks) we can determine your financial aid package.

You must complete the FAFSA annually. Be sure to complete the correct one. The 2019-2020 FAFSA is for the fall of 2019 and the spring and summer of 2020.  If you need help completing your FAFSA, you can visit any PCC campus and we will gladly assist you. You can also use the Department of Education’s FAFSA FAQ page.


2019-2020 Steps to Apply: 

Step 1: You may complete the 2019-2020 FAFSA at anytime after October 1, 2018. Our school code is 007266. Since funding is limited in certain grant programs, we highly suggest you complete your FAFSA no later than February 1, 2019 to have the best chance of receiving those funds.  You can still apply after any of these dates. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2020.

Step 2: Watch your MyPima financial aid information for any requirements (red X icons) that you need to take care of. Flags normally begin to appear mid-February and should be completed right away.  They become a green check once completed.  We suggest you also opt-into the Early Book Purchase Program listed in the optional section at this time.

Step 3: After you have all green check marks, watch for an email letting you know that you have been awarded.

Step 4: Loan offers begin in July after the Department of Education sets the interest rate for the upcoming school year. Once set, you can accept or decline your loan offer on MyPima. Remember: it is a loan that you have to pay back so borrow wisely! If you accept the loan offer, complete your Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN) which are now listed as red X icons on your MyPima account.

Step 5: Sign up for e-refund in so excess funds will be sent to you faster.  Checks in the mail take a couple more days and can get lost.

Step 6: Prepare for and attend your classes. Financial Aid will disburse soon. If you find you are struggling, speak with your teacher or academic advisor right away so they can help you be successful.

Step 7: Congratulations! You did it! Remember to repeat these steps again for next year’s financial aid. 

NOTE:  If you get stuck at any step and have not been awarded by the payment deadline, you should speak with financial aid or make payment arrangements so your classes are not dropped.

Taking Classes at Two Colleges

If you are taking classes at two schools during one semester (example: PCC and the University of Arizona), you can only get financial aid from the school that you will be graduating from.  You will want to contact that school’s Financial Aid Office for a Consortium Agreement. This is a form that notifies both schools of the courses you are taking at each institution and who will be disbursing the financial aid.  If you accidentally get financial aid disbursed to you from both schools, you will have to reimburse one of the schools. Let us know in advance if you are in this situation so we can prevent funds from disbursing at PCC. Be aware since you do not have financial aid at PCC, we can not hold your classes. Be sure to pay in full or sign up for a payment plan to ensure you are not dropped.