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Someday is Today: Learn about Pima’s remote learning options and access virtual services.
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Guide to Pima’s Virtual Services and Remote Learning

If you have trouble reaching Pima by phone, you can sign up to have an advisor call you back.

Sign in here.

  • Enter your name and cell phone number.
  • If available, enter your student ID number and program of study.
  • Pick the area and service that best fits your needs or select “Other.”

Once in line you will receive text message notifications with an estimated time for the call back. Once you’ve reached the front of the line an Advisor will call you on the phone number provided to assist you. You can call from a landline phone too, but you won’t get the text messages.

Our call back hours are:

  • Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Saturday, 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Welcome to Pima Community College’s virtual services and remote learning page.

In March, the College transitioned to a virtual environment, where services were provided remotely and classes were held online or virtually/remotely. This decision was made to help protect the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff and community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because the virus is still a threat in Pima County, most of Pima Community College’s Fall 2020 classes will be offered through PimaOnline, virtually, or as a hybrid course, which is a combination of virtual and in-person.  Access to campuses is restricted to attending a hybrid course lab.

This page will guide you through Virtual Services and understanding how your classes will take place. 

Virtual Services - Advising, Financial Aid and more

Although our campuses are still restricted, the College is open and the faculty and staff are ready to help you.

Need to speak with an Advisor? Sign up virtually to receive a same day call back. Advisors will call you back to assist you with admissions, registration, and advising. This allows you to control your day and do the things you need to do while waiting! 

To get in line for a call back, click the link above.

Find Step-by-Step information to 

But if you need help, reach out through Virtual Student Services. We are here for you.

Understanding Online, Virtual and Hybrid Learning

In Fall 2020 most of Pima Community College’s classes will be offered through PimaOnline, virtually or as a hybrid course, which is a combination of virtual and in-person.  

Students can be assured of a wide range of courses and programs as well as a robust and fulfilling learning experience.


PimaOnline offers fully online courses through a dedicated learning management platform. Students may pursue the completion of fully online degrees and certificates if desired. The instructor-led fully-online courses have a course schedule with posted assignments and due dates that follow the session calendar.  You can work in the class when it’s most convenient for you as long as you submit the work by the deadlines.

PimaOnline courses require regular access to a computer to complete and submit assignments, to interact with the course material, and to connect with your instructors and classmates. A strong Internet connection is highly recommended.


Virtual courses are those converted from traditional in-person classes to classes offered outside the classroom.  Your virtual class will be held at regularly scheduled times and days and allow for interaction with your instructor and classmates. It’s like being in a regular class -- but over the computer in a live virtual meeting space.

Even biology and chemistry classes can provide a “virtual” lab experience. But don’t worry, you won’t be playing with fire or other dangerous things.

Your instructor will give you full details about what to expect.

Virtual courses do require access to a computer to complete and submit work assignments, to watch lectures, videos or access other learning materials and to connect with instructors and classmates. You likely also will need a camera and speakers, if you are not using a laptop. You also might prefer to use headphones with a microphone.


Hybrid courses are generally those that have significant hands-on training, such as nursing, welding, automotive technology and others. You will participate in lectures and other learning virtually, but then join your class on campus for the lab or “hands-on” portion of the class.

At all times, your safety will be respected. You will be given detailed instruction on when and where to arrive on campus and you will be expected to have your temperature checked and to wear a face covering. 

How do I know which type of class I have?

The best way to know how your class will be offered is to check your class schedule in your MyPima account or go to the  Schedule of Classes.  You will receive full details from your instructor prior to the start of classes. Note that for Fall 2020 most classes will be virtual or online.

Technical Resources and D2L help

Currently access to campus buildings is restricted, however, wifi access is available outside.

WiFi access: Students can access WiFi in the parking lot of the Desert Vista, Downtown, East, Northwest and West campuses from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Students may be asked to show a student ID or proof of enrollment.      

By agreement, students also can access Sunnyside Unified School District "hot spot" locations. Pima students should be prepared to show ID and will use guest login. They should follow all directions of SUSD personnel.

Pima has a limited number of laptops and tablets available for check out to currently enrolled students. Use the PCC Library's system to request an item for curbside pick up:
If you want to borrow a laptop or a tablet for the semester from the College to assist you in your courses, please follow the curbside pick up ---instructions on the Library's COVID-19 Info and Updates page.

Navigating Digital Spaces: Navigating, MyPima, D2L and other digital spaces is easy with a little know-how. Pima has developed a series of videos to walk you through those areas you will use most.

Student Support

You might be studying from home, but you aren’t alone. Check out Connect U . New students will be paired with a peer mentor and receive other support services.

Self-report Suspected COVID-19 Exposure, Confirmed Cases: Pima employees, guests and contractors, and students may self-report suspected COVID-19 exposure and confirmed cases to Pima’s new online COVID-19 self-reporting portal.

See inside a virtual class

Hear from three science instructors


Pima has a number of resources to help students be successful, including access to the federal Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF), provided by the CARES act in response to COVID-19 challenges.

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