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Meet Our Admissions Counselors

We’re here to help you get started!

Whether you're going to college for the first time or coming back after years away, we can help you reach your goals. Please contact us for answers to your questions.

Telephone:  520.206.4500

Our Admissions Counselors

Rose Rojas
Admissions Counselor
Desert Vista Campus
Office: 520.206.5242
Cell: 520.279.1875

Photo of Victor Salazar

Victor Salazar
Admissions Counselor
Downtown Campus
Office: 520.206.7239
Cell: 520.400.2181


John Farrell
Admissions Counselor
Northwest Campus
Office: 520.206.2252
Cell: 520.392.0531


Image of Ryan Sermon

Ryan Sermon
Admissions Counselor
East Campus
Office: 520.206.7448
Cell: 520.235.9403

Shawn Graham
Admissions Counselor
West Campus
Office: 520.206.3097
Cell: 520.392.0377


Photo of Joi Stirrup

Joi Stirrup
Advanced Program Manager
Admissions and Recruitment
Office: 520.206.4528