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Preparing for Advising

PCC's advisors and counselors are here to help you find your way through the sometimes confusing array of options, challenges and requirements throughout your education.


Counselors provide assistance with career exploration and decision-making, life and study skills (such as time management and test taking strategies), and personal concerns and crises.


Advisors help with college procedures for classes, majors, unofficial degree checks and transferring. They can help you select classes to reach your educational goal, as well as provide unofficial transcript checks or graduation/degree progress checks. You should meet with an advisor at least once a semester.

Meeting with a Counselor or Advisor

Knowing what you wish to get out of your meeting with an advisor or counselor helps them help you. There are some basic steps that will help you get the most out of your meeting. After making an appointment with an advisor, get prepared by

  • reviewing program options through the online programs section of this website.
  • determining which campus offers the specific program you want to take.

Bring to your appointment

  • a list of questions.
  • important educational documents, including college assessment scores and all college transcripts.
  • a list of courses you would like to take.