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Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  2. Using the PCC Website
  3. Certificate and Degree Requirements
  4. For My Degree, How Many...
  5. Choosing Classes for My Programs
  6. Finding Classes
  7. Important Dates and Deadlines
  8. Year Structure and Credits Per Class
  9. Based on Your Assessments
  10. Building a Schedule Step 1
  11. Building a Schedule Step 2
  12. Completing Your Registration
  13. What Next? Student Resources

Student Success at Pima - New Student Orientation

9. Based on Your Assessmentsregistration handout - Step 2

Now that you know how many courses to take, let’s select them. First, take out both your assessment results and the Registering for Your First Semester worksheet from your orientation packet. Look at your assessment results and select the appropriate Reading, Writing and Math classes from the top of the worksheet. These are basic courses that once taken will help you to get through your more demanding college courses.

If your schedule permits, it is strongly recommended that you complete Student Success (STU) courses; these courses are designed to enhance your academic skills and college experience.

Some examples are: