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Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  2. Using the PCC Website
  3. Certificate and Degree Requirements
  4. For My Degree, How Many...
  5. Choosing Classes for My Programs
  6. Finding Classes
  7. Important Dates and Deadlines
  8. Year Structure and Credits Per Class
  9. Based on Your Assessments
  10. Building a Schedule Step 1
  11. Building a Schedule Step 2
  12. Completing Your Registration
  13. What Next? Student Resources

Student Success at Pima - New Student Orientation

8. Year Structure and Credits Per Classregistration handout - Step 1

The structure of the school year is broken into session terms that vary from 5 to 16 weeks. In the schedule, you’ll see that the duration of each class is listed. Pay careful attention to the choices you make. Course objectives remain the same no matter the length; shorter classes simply mean you work harder and faster.

For some of you, full-time attendance—12 credits per semester—may be needed for financial aid, work-related issues or just to stay on track to finish. Course credits can range from 1 to 5, but the typical course is 3 credits.

Pull out the Time Commitment worksheet from your orientation packet. Fill in the first few lines thinking about your commitments to work, family and friends.

Circle the recommended number of classes, based on your time commitments. How many classes can you take?