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Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  2. Using the PCC Website
  3. Certificate and Degree Requirements
  4. For My Degree, How Many...
  5. Choosing Classes for My Programs
  6. Finding Classes
  7. Important Dates and Deadlines
  8. Year Structure and Credits Per Class
  9. Based on Your Assessments
  10. Building a Schedule Step 1
  11. Building a Schedule Step 2
  12. Completing Your Registration
  13. What Next? Student Resources

Student Success at Pima - New Student Orientation

3. Certificate and Degree Requirements

Pima has courses in programs intended for both direct employment as well as transfer to a university. The credits required are based on your program type.

Certificates for Direct Employment require between 9 and 35 credits and are designed to get you into the workforce.

An Associate Degree for Direct Employment takes a minimum of 60 credits.

The Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) Certificate requires a minimum of 35 credits and is designed to fulfill the mandatory lower-division general education requirements for the state universities.

An Associate Degree for Transfer takes a minimum of 60 credits and includes the AGEC.

To complete a Bachelor’s Degree at a university you will need at least 120 credits. If you select courses carefully, up to 64 Pima credits will transfer leaving you to complete the final 56 to 60 degree credits upon attending the university.

PCC Programs of Study - Direct Employment options are a Certificate or an Associate Degree; Transfer options are an AGEC Certificate or an Associate Degree for Transfer