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Admission & Registration Checklist

Your academic and career success starts with applying for admission to Pima Community College.  Use this handy checklist to guide you through each step of becoming a PCC student.



Apply for admission

It's quick and easy to apply for admission to PCC!  Find the application type that is right for you!

Need assistance applying?
We're here to help!  Email or call 520.206.4500

  • New First-Time College Students:
    I have a high school diploma or equivalent like the GED (or will have obtained by the term I am applying for) and want to attend Pima for the first time.  Use the new online application
  • Guest Student:
    I'm a student at another college or university and would just like to take a few other classes at Pima.  Use the new online application
  • Returning Student:
    I'm a previous Pima student wanting to take classes.  Use the new online application
  • High School Student (Dual Enrollment):
    I'm currently a high school student wanting to take college courses for both high school and college credit.  Use the new online application
  • Transfer Student:
    I'm transferring to Pima from another college or university.  Use the new online application
  • International Students:
    I'm a student from outside the United States.  Use the international application process
  • Adult Basic Education Student:
    I want to prepare for a High School Equivalency (HSE) exam like the GED, learn/improve my English or learn about citizenship. Use the Adult Education process
  • Community/Personal Development Student:
    I'm interested in noncredit or credit courses or workshops for personal interest. Use the Continuing Education application.
  • Workforce/Professional Student:
    I'm interested in workforce/skills training, Continuing Education Units (CEU) or taking classes arranged through my employer.  Use the CEU process.

Apply for financial aid

  • If you are seeking financial assistance to pay for college, apply for federal financial aid at
    • Use the PCC code:  007266
    • Financial aid is processed and distributed throughout the school year. To make sure your award is processed in time to pay for classes, please submit all financial aid requirements by April 4 for the fall semester and by October 1 for the spring semester.
    • Check your MyPima Financial Aid tab to view your requirements (see step 2 on how to activate your MyPima account).
  • Information on scholarships and veterans education benefits is also available online


Activate your Student Account

  • Activate your MyPima student account at
    • Your MyPima account provides access to registration, financial aid, degree planning, tuition information, textbooks and the payment plan, as well as course homepages, career resources and student activities information.
    • You will learn how to navigate your MyPima account at a New Student Orientation (see step 4 for more details)
  • After you register for classes, you will have access to your MyPima email account, which is PCC's official means of communication with you, so be sure to check it regularly.


Take Placements

  • Complete the Pre Placement Tutorial.  Go to MyPima and look on the New Students page, Step 2: Placement Testing section.
  • Take reading, writing, and math placements at a campus Student Services Center.  Tests are free of charge and untimed.
  • To assess well, take some time to prepare.  See sample questions and answers.
  • Bring a photo ID and allow 2 to 3 hours to complete the assessments.
  • Returning students: review the Placement Testing page to determine which placements you may be required to take.
  • Transfer students:  To determine if previously completed college courses fulfill the requirements, submit official transcripts and have them evaluated.
  • Want to improve your score? Learn about our free Placement Prep workshops.
  • Want to improve your placement?  Recent high school grads have an option to use other methods to improve their placement through Multiple Measures


Attend an Orientation

  • If you are new to college, attend New Student Orientation at the campus of your choice. For best class selection, sign up early. In orientation, you will learn what classes to take, how to register for them, and the resources to help you accomplish your goals. Plus, you’ll receive personal advising.
  • To register, login to your MyPima account, New Students Tab.
  • If you are new to PCC with prior college or are a returning student, it's a good idea to attend an orientation so you will be familiar with the current information and technology used at Pima.
  • Bring a photo ID and a pen or pencil with you.
  • For a preview of orientation, take a look at the New Student Orientation packet.


Register and Pay for Classes

Register for classes

  • Register for classes during New Student Orientation or any time after that through MyPima.  Just click on the Academics tab and click Register Online in the Register for Classes Section.

Paying for classes

You can pay for classes in several ways:

  • Online using MyPima.  Click on the Academics tab and select My Account Manager (payment plan available except for summer session or to international students).
  • Mail your non-cash payment to:
    Pima Community College Student Accounts Office
    4905 Broadway Blvd
    Tucson AZ  85709-1225


Visit a Campus

Visit your campus(es) 

Visit your campus(es) and locate your classrooms before classes start. View campus maps & homepages

Get a student ID card

Get a PCC student ID card at any Campus Cashier's Office.

Purchase your textbooks

Purchase your textbooks:

  • At the campus bookstore where your classes will be held, or
  • Online through MyPima Academics Tab, Book List Section, or
  • Online through the bookstore's website


Next Steps

  • Check your MyPima email daily for College communications
  • Complete the financial aid requirements indicated on your Financial Aid tab in MyPima
  • Meet with an advisor or counselor early in the semester to make an education plan
  • Go to class, learn, and feel good that you've taken positive steps toward your academic and career success