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Pima Gives

Pima Community College wants to make the American dream attainable to everyone who comes through our doors.

A way you can ensure that every student can achieve their educational goals is by giving to the Pima Community College Foundation. Your gift can support deserving students, enhance an academic program, boost athletic programs or enrich a cultural experience at the College while advancing your own personal philanthropic desires and goals. 

There are many ways to give to the Pima Community College Foundation, creating opportunities for excellence at the College. One of the easiest, as a PCC employee is through payroll deduction; with just a few dollars each pay period, you can make a generous donation in support of areas you care most about.

You can also contribute online using the link below or send a check to the PCC Foundation, MC 1320.  

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PimaGives Campaign

From March 16 - April 17, Pima employees can join together to support PCC and earn recognition for their campus or location.  The PimaGives trophy will be presented to the location with the highest percentage of employee donors.  Downtown Campus was the winner in 2014.

On April 7 you may wish to participate in Arizona Gives Day.  This one day provides an inspiring way for Arizonans to join forces to help their communities.

Why participate in Arizona Gives on April 7?  The PCC Foundation has the opportunity to raise more funds for the College by winning a prize.  To participate in Arizona Gives Day with an online donation, go to the PCC Foundation page at Arizona Gives.

Make an Impact

You can designate your gift to address the College’s greatest needs or choose a specific program or scholarship to support.  Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

The outlook for state funding is less certain every year, while the need for scholarships and academic initiatives is expanding. Every dollar contributed to the PCC Foundation makes a big impact on the lives of students.

Help PCC continue to make students’ dreams come true with a gift to the PCC Foundation today.