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Officers and Senators

2016 Officers

President Taliesin Sutton
Vice President Timothy Cruz
President-Elect Michael Parker
Past President Kimlisa Duchicela
Secretary Election in Feb. 2016
All College Council Representative Skylar Webb
Faculty Board of
Governors Representative
Mays Imad
Adjunct Faculty Board of
Governors Representative
Carlo Buscemi
Chair, Adjunct Faculty Sub-Committee Carlo Buscemi

2016 Senators

Counseling/STU Tanya Hawks
District Librarians Joe Labuda
Community Campus
Adjunct at Large [vacant]
Arts and Communications [vacant]
Business and Mathematics Robert Foth
Science and Technology [vacant]
Social Sciences David Kryder
Desert Vista Campus
Adjunct at Large [vacant]
Aviation [vacant]
Communication and Humanities [vacant]
Education and Social Services Teddi Schnurr
Languages, Reading, Culture, and Culinary Joel Dworin
Mathematics, Business & Computer Info. David Morales
Science and Fitness Jonathan Meair
Social and Cultural Sciences Olga Carranza
Downtown Campus
Adjunct at Large John Archuleta
Arts and Humanities Chris Chulak
Automotive Technology Skylar Webb
Building and Construction Technology John Gerard
Business Karen Derr
CAD & Interior Design Thomas Tomasky
English as a World Language Lisa Jurkowitz
Mathematics Steve Olsen
Office Technology Systems Trisha Miller
Paralegal Gwen Gorbette
Sciences  Timothy Cruz
Social Sciences Kimlisa Duchicela
Welding and Machine Tool Tech. [vacant]
World Languages & Translation [vacant]
Writing and Reading Josie Milliken
East Campus
Adjunct at Large [vacant]
Business and Travel Don Roberts
Communications Mary Shelor
Computer Sciences Fred D'Angelo
Emergency Services & Related Tech. Wright Randolph
Humanities, Arts, & Fitness [vacant]
Languages Patricia Figueroa
Life & Physical Sciences Mays Imad
Mathematics and Engineering Taliesin Sutton
Northwest Campus
Adjunct at Large Carlo Buscemi
Biology and Wellness Cheryl Blake
Languages and the Arts Erin Eichelberger
Mathematics Donald Bock
Professions and Occupations Rita Lennon
Science Noah Fay
Social and Behavioral Sciences Jerry Cherrington
Written and Oral Communications Matt Hinojosa
West Campus
Academic Skills William Lang
Adjunct at Large [vacant]
Behavioral Sciences MaryKris Mcilwaine
Biology Steve Mackie
Business Science Debra Kaye
Chemistry [vacant]
Computer Sciences [vacant]
Dental Studies Sarah Marcus
Digital Arts [vacant]
Fitness and Sports Sciences [vacant]
Health Related Professions Catherine O'Brien
Humanities and Speech Michael Parker
Mathematics and Engineering Paul Flasch
Nursing Jacqueline Kern
Performing Arts Carol Christofferson
Physical Sciences Karie Meyers
Social Sciences Margarita Youngo
Social Services Rosa Morales
Technology Lazaro Hong
Visual Arts Michael Nolan
World Languages Kathy Fraychineaud
Writing Meg Files