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Student Organizations

Whatever your interest, there's a good chance there's a club or organization for students who share it!  

Getting involved in clubs and organizations will help you develop skills in communication, networking, teamwork and leadership that will help you achieve your academic goals and more.  Student clubs can enhance your resume or university transfer application.

Your Student Life Office can provide a complete list of current student clubs at all campuses or can provide information on how to start a new club.

Some PCC Student Clubs and Organizations include:

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Desert Vista Clubs

Christian Club
  President:  Cesar -
  Advisor: Guadalupe Caballero-
Early Childhood Education
  Advisor:  Shanna Kukla -
Gamers Club
  President:  Miguel Sanchez -
  Advisor:  Brian Stewart -
Green Thumbs
  Advisor:  Elizabeth Mikesell -
Native American Student Association
  Advisor:  Marilynn Sando -
Pima Leaders
  Advisor:  Silvia Loustaunau -
Sterile Field Generals
  Advisor:  Leann Williams -
Student Government Association
  Learn more
  President:  Fernanda Van-Pratt -
  Advisor:  Guadalupe Caballero -

Downtown Campus Clubs

Art Club
  Advisor:  Mike Lopez -

CRU (Christian Club)
  Advisor: Uvaldo Martinez -
Diversified Student Union
  Advisor: Sharon Arceneaux -
FAIR Tax Club
  Advisor: Eugene Gotwalt -
Fashion Force
  Advisor: Charlette Padilla -
Honors Club
  Advisor: Kristina Beckman -
  Advisor: Rosalia Solarzano -
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
Presbyterian Ministries Club
  Advisor: Kristina Beckman -
Student Government Association
  Learn more
  Advisor: Mike Lopez -
Student Veterans
  Advisor: Holly Randle -
Translation/Interpretation Club
  Advisor: Jeff Gabbitas -
Welding Club
  Advisor: Joe Fitzpatrick -

East Campus Clubs

Chemistry Club
  President:  Tiffany Bledsoe -
  Advisor:  Pedro Flores Gallardo -
CRU (Christian Club)
  President:  Miranda DeCorte -
  Advisor: David Gainey -
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
   Advisor: Rob Carey -
Pride Alliance
  President:  Dani Tanselle -
  Advisor: Gretchen Zimmerman -
Student Government Association
  Learn more
  President:  Pam Contreras -
  Advisor: Jennifer Wellborn -

Northwest Campus Clubs

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)
  President:  Anthony Smith –
  Advisor:  Erica Martin -
Delta Mu Omega Christian Literary Society
  President:  Andrew Hannan –
  Advisor:  Kris Swank -
Health Career Interest Group
  President:  Dakota Hogeboom -
  Advisor: Cheryl Blake -
Honors Club
  Advisor: Ken Vorndran -
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
  Advisor: Ken Vorndran -
Student Government Association
  Learn more
  President:  Chris Meece -
  Advisor: Tiffany Hastings-Kibler -

West Campus Clubs

Archaeology Club
  President:  Ehren Keltz -
  Advisor:  Tineke Van Zandt -
Club of Legends
  President:  Caleb Carson -
  Advisor:  Reinhard Pawlicki -

CRU (Christian Club)
  President:  Ethan D. Wolff -
  Advisor:  Charles Zhang -

Engineering Club
  President:  Cameron Campbell -
  Advisor:  Alexander Shayevich -
International Students Club
  President:  Paola Castro -
  Advisor:  Rose Bolz -
Math and Computer Club
  President:  Steven Eiselen -
  Advisor:  Ron Evans -
Native American Student Association
  President:  Ralph Dominguez -
  Advisor:  Tina Dawley -
Pima Journalism Club
  President:  Andrew Paxton -
  Advisor:  Cynthia Lancaster -
Pima Pride
  President:  Cierra Nealy -
  Advisor:  Jessie Mellor -
Pima Web Design & Development Club
  President:  Todd Foster -
  Advisor:  Greg Loumeau -
Respiratory Therapy Club
  President:  Austin Miles -
  Advisor:  Jeffery Miller -
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  President:  Alec Moreno -
  Advisor:  Alonso Minjarez -
Student Government Association
  Learn more
  President:  Cedric Nealy -
  Advisor:  Grace Fama -
Student Nurses Association
  President:  Brianna Rangel -
  Advisor:  Dino Dreyfus -
Student Social Services Organization
  President:  Thomas Jelderks -
  Advisor:  Melinda Franz -
The Theatre Society
  President:  Samantha Severson -
  Advisor:  Todd Poelstra -
West Campus Fashion Association
  President:  Sharon A. Fields -
  Advisor:  Nancy Spaulding -
Young Americans for Liberty
  President:  Jonathan Soto -
  Advisor:  Erich Saphir -