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The Smartest College Course You Can Take!

Interested in becoming an Army officer?  Do you want to get some leadership experience?  Just curious about the Army?  Army ROTC at Pima will teach you about the Army - who we are and what we do - with no military commitment or obligation.  Along the way you will learn leadership skills and participate in exciting activities.

Get intense physical training in a team setting
Enroll in the MLS 102 Physical Training class and join us for stretching, exercising, running and fun three days each week.  Classes are adjusted to each student's abilities and fitness level so no one is left behind.

For a REAL challenge, the Ranger Challenge pushes your physical and mental limits while fostering teamwork and cooperation.  The Ranger Challenge, not for the faint-hearted, demands your best and rewards your hard work.

Pay for college
Army ROTC has scholarships available to help you make the transfer to The University of Arizona.  If you are interested in the military, are qualified and ready to be a leader, this could be the road to your future.

Meet other people and make friends
Army ROTC activities and labs focus on teamwork and collaboration to achieve goals.  Camaraderie and fun are part of the training, and you can build friendships that can last a lifetime.