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Coaching and Pathways Program Support Services

Coaching and Pathways Program Support Services (CAPPSS) provides supplemental academic support with the provision of a coach to students who are not able to successfully participate in PCC classes with 504/ADAAA accommodations alone. 

Program Eligibility and Requirements

To qualify for CAPPSS, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current or former PCC student.
  • Have a specific and attainable community participation objective. This typically means employment. However, in special cases, as determined by the CAPPSS team, other objectives may be considered.
  • Complete PCC Basic Skills Assessments or similar assessments at another college or university.
  • Complete PCC new student orientation (for incoming students only).
  • Register with ADR.
  • Have not met, or unlikely to meet, the fundamental learning objectives of PCC course offerings, even with 504/ADAAA accommodations.
  • Able to travel independently while on the College campuses.
  • Able to travel to and from the College campuses.
  • Able to independently manage basic activities of daily living when at PCC, with or without 504/ADAAA accommodations.
  • Able to communicate sufficiently with others, with or without 504/ADAAA accommodations.
  • Acknowledge that this program is not part of the accommodations required by Section 504 or ADAAA.

Program Admission

CAPPSS is not itself a 504/ADAAA accommodation and participation is at the sole discretion of Pima Community College.

ADR services provided through CAPPSS are different from services required by Section 504 or the ADAAA, which are obtained through a separate ADR process and request. To apply for this program, a student must:

After you complete the intake interview, you will receive written notification of your acceptance, provisional acceptance, placement on a waiting list or denial.

Once in the CAPPSS program, students must provide evidence of sufficient progress in the program to remain eligible.  Each semester, the CAPPSS team reviews each student’s progress to determine continued eligibility.

Acceptance into the program is on a provisional basis. Students who show little to no progress may become ineligible for the program at any time during the semester. Students may reapply at a later date for a subsequent semester. Note:  The College may not be able to admit all students interested in CAPPSS, even if they meet the eligibility requirements. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of openings, eligible students not admitted will be placed on a waiting list and invited into the program in the order applied, as openings become available.

How can I learn more about CAPPSS?

You may call or visit any campus ADR office or email for additional information.