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Requesting Services

The Office of Access and Disability Resources (ADR) on any campus will assist students in requesting accommodations for classes, assessments, other enrollment processes, or any other college activity or event.

Requesting Accommodations and Services:

 STEP 1: Contact any campus ADR office and make an appointment to speak with an ADR program specialist. Requests may be made at any time during semester.

 STEP 2: Provide the disability documentation requested by the ADR program specialist. The amount and type of documentation may vary depending on the nature of your request.

 STEP 3Discuss the accommodations you would like to request with your ADR specialist for approval. You must request accommodations for every class, every new semester if you want them.

 STEP 4: After the accommodation has been approved, your program specialist will inform each instructor of your accommodations for their class. It is a good idea to follow up with your instructor.

 STEP 5: Notify your ADR program specialist immediately if you do not receive all approved accommodations.

Accommodations may be requested at any time during the semester, but are not usually retroactive. Every effort will be made to provide you with required services when you need them. Some accommodations require lead time to arrange, so request accommodations as soon as you can. There is no charge to students for accommodations approved by ADR.

ADA & Equal Opportunity, Reasonable Accommodation Guidelines for Students

Comment Card

Do you have a comment or suggestion related to the services ADR provides? Please complete an ADR comment card  or you may call or visit any of the campus centers or email the Office of Access and Disability Resources (ADR) at