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Contact Us

Do you have questions or concerns? Call or visit any of the campus centers or email Disabled Student Resources (DSR) at

We can facilitate access to programs and facilities at each of our campuses and centers.  Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing should use a relay service for the phone numbers listed below.

For Interpreting Services call (520) 206-6688 or email

Desert Vista Campus
5901 South Calle Santa Cruz, Tucson AZ  85709
Phone:  520-206-5151
Map and directions

Downtown Campus
1255 North Stone Avenue, Tucson AZ  85709
Phone: 520-206-7286
Map and directions

East Campus
8181 East Irvington Road., Tucson AZ  85709
Phone: 520-206-7699
Map and directions

Northwest Campus
7600 North Shannon Road, Tucson AZ  85709
Phone: 520-206-2209
Map and directions

West Campus & Services for Community Campus
2202 West Anklam Road, Tucson AZ  85709
Phone: 520-206-6688
Map and directions