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Assistive Technology

Each campus has a wide variety of assistive technology hardware and software. If you qualify, you can get training and assistance by appointment.

Pima's assistive technology resources include

Voice recognition software

  • voice-to-text software for voice input
  • dictation to portable devices
  • transcription of recorded messages.

Scan and read literacy software

  • Scans printed materials and reads aloud via synthesized speech.
  • Reads aloud from the web.
  • Reads in multiple languages.
  • customized background colors and masking of text
  • highlighting and sticky notes
  • thesaurus and dictionary lookups
  • homophone support
  • word prediction
  • Save synthesized reading to audio (mp3, etc.).

Screen reader software

  • speech output of text on screen
  • audio description of web pages
  • Reads in multiple languages.
  • Works with MS Office software (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software).

Screen magnification software

  • Magnifies screen contents.
  • spoken menus
  • cursor options
  • color customization.

Visual learning tools

  • visual organization tool, diagramming, flow charting, mind mapping.

Text-to-speech software

  • Reads aloud from print text documents or web.
  • Saves audio to mp3 files.
  • Reads in multiple languages.

Other devices

  • CCTV (magnification devices)
  • FM Loop equipment
  • Refreshable Braille output device.

Contact a DSR office if you have questions regarding the specific equipment and software available.