Return to accessibility navigation at the top of the page. Does your social media image present the same image as your resume?  70 percent of recruiters rejected candidates because of information about them that was found online

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Used properly, social media can be a powerful communication and marketing tool for job seekers. There are many ways to use social media to network and successfully find a job.

Social media savvy or digital dirt?

Increasingly, employers are conducting Web searches on job candidates before extending offers. Be sure that what you post today will not come back to haunt you. Seventy-five percent of U.S. recruiters and human resources professionals companies require them to do online research about employment candidates. Keep your information updated and accurate; you never know who's looking. Eight percent of employers have fired an individual because of content the company found on their social networking sites.

  1. Use PCC Student Code of Conduct as a guide for what is appropriate
  2. Know User Agreements (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  3. Know relevant laws (i.e., FERPA and HIPPA, as well as freedom of speech limitations)

How long is forever?

The rule of thumb is once something is posted online, it’s housed in a database and can be retrieved by anyone with access, even after you’ve deleted it. You are responsible for what you write/post. Privacy settings do not guarantee your privacy; countless cases demonstrate this. Consider that the Library of Congress is digitally archiving every public tweet ever since Twitter’s inception in March 2006 (a total numbering in the billions).

Are you revealing too much?

If you are in the job market or have a job you want to keep, be aware that anything you post could possibly prevent a company from considering, interviewing or hiring you. Would you walk into a job interview wearing ripped jeans and flip flops, and holding a beer? Post that picture to your social media and you’re telling potential employers, “This is how I want you to see me.” Protect yourself.

Develop your plan for cyber success . . .

Embrace social media and develop a strategy to control the message you send to your current employer and prospective employers. Social media is a tool in reputation management. Does your social media present the same image as your résumé? Information an individual puts on social networking sites may be viewed as a reflection on personal character and integrity.