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PCC Athletes Participate in Turkey Trot at Maxwell MS

November 21, 2012

Raymond Suarez
Pima Community College
Sports Information
Office: 520-206-3035

PCC Athletes Participate in Turkey Trot at Maxwell MS

 Tucson, AZ – Athletes from the football and women’s basketball team went to Maxwell Middle School on Wednesday to help the school celebrate their annual Turkey Trot event.

Members of the football team ran with the students in their one-mile races around the school. The top three finishers in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes got Thanksgiving gifts. The women’s basketball team organized the human foosball area and danced with the students while Pima women’s basketball assistant coach and teacher Chris Klassen DJ’d the event.

“The players did a great job today, they had a lot of fun dancing and interacting with the students at Maxwell,” Klassen said. “The students all enjoyed the event and thought it was awesome to have college athletes at the school interacting with them throughout the day.”

The students went up to the Pima athletes afterwards and thanked them for being a part of their celebration.

“It’s always great to see kids excited and I know what kind of impact collegiate student athletes have on the younger generations,” Spencer Grijalva, a Pima football player, said. “I remember when I was younger and the older ones would come and see me. They influenced me to want to be like them someday and it motivated me.