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Selected Current Projects

Information Technology implements, manages and supports technology-related projects at Pima in collaboration with other College departments..  Here are a sampling of some current IT projects.

Employee Email Replacement Project

This Spring, the College will transition employee email, calendars and contacts from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail.  Gmail will offer new features, greater storage capacity and a uniform look on College and home computers.  

Employees will be notified about training opportunities and will be able to select the time of the migration of their mailbox between March and the end of May.

Implementing this new email system will not change current email addresses - employee email will remain ""

MyPima Replacement Project

IT is collaborating with the Web Systems unit on a project to replace the current College portal, MyPima.  The current portal vendor has stated that they will no longer support this product after Dec. 30, 2015.

The new portal, which will use the CampusEAI LookingGlass product, will be implemented Spring 2016.  Over the next year, IT and Web Systems staff will be customizing the product to provide the same information and services that the College community currently relies on and will take advantage of new features and options available in the new software.  Updates on this project will be posted regularly on this website and in PimaNews.

Implementing the new portal will not impact the Intranet, the current web content management system (CMS), or our ability to provide access to services such as email and Google Docs through the portal.

Northwest Campus Science Laboratory

With the addition of the new STEM Building to the Northwest Campus, the laboratory staff providing support services has become very busy. With up to a dozen experiments occurring at any given time, six days a week, twelve hours a day, the complex preparation of chemicals, biological media, and equipment is a logistical and organizational challenge.  IT development services and the STEM Lab staff have partnered to develop a lab management system that will provide real time data needed to keep operations smooth and efficient.

This project includes several functional areas, integrated by a custom inventory management system.  The key piece is the bulletin board system that dispatches experiment and workflow change information to all in real time.  Additional components include Learning Center tracking and the experimental preparation database,   providing a complete operational data system for laboratory support operations.