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Administrative & Staff Job Classifications

Series Title

Classification Title

Administration - Administrator
Administrative Support - Professional

Assessment - Stand Alone

Business Systems - Professional

Community and Government Relations



Facilities Coordination

Facilities - Professional

Facilities/Maintenance/Trades - Custodial

Facilities/Maintenance/Trades - Trades

Fiscal - Fiscal Support

Fiscal - Professional

General Administrative Support - General Support

Administrative Support - Professional

Health & Safety

Human Resources

Information Technology - Professional

Information Technology - Technician

Instructional Laboratory Support

Instructional Design


Library - Library Support

Library - Professional

Marketing and Communications

Materials Management

Media Support - Instructional Support

Media Support - Media/Graphics/ Printing

Production Theater - Performing Arts

Production Theater - Production

Program Coordination - Facilities Coordination

Program Coordination - Program Coordinator

Program Coordination - Program Specialist

Public Safety

Public Safety - Dispatcher

Public Safety - Police Officer


Student Services