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Evaluation Process

What happens after your application packet has been submitted? If there is not an identified need for your areas of interest within 12 months of applying you will receive a notification asking if you wish to remain in the applicant pool. If there is an identified need for faculty in your discipline, we will review the applicant pool and may contact you. At that time, your file will be assigned to a Certification Analyst who will perform the following steps:

  1. Review your application packet and confirm that your degrees are from regionally accredited institutions.
  2. Notify you if any additional documentation is required.
  3. Evaluate your transcripts and supporting documents against qualifications requirements. 
  4. Confirm that you meet minimum qualifications requirements for teaching eligibility.  
  5. Send a Pima Community College Faculty Teaching Eligibility notice to you by email.
  6. Add your name to the adjunct faculty pool showing all disciplines for which you are certified.

Whom should I contact regarding my certification status? Contact the Faculty Certification Office.

After I have received my notice of Teaching Eligibility, what happens next?

Post-evaluation activities