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Vehicle Impoundment Information

Why was my vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle) impounded?

Arizona law requires law enforcement agencies to impound a motor vehicle when the driver is in violation of  the following provisions:

  • The driver’s license is cancelled or revoked for any reason.
  • Driver’s has never been issued a license or permit in Arizona or issued a license in any other jurisdiction.
  • The driver is arrested for Extreme DUI or Aggravated DUI.
  • The driver is under 21 years of age and has alcohol in their body.
  • The driver is in an accident, AND is in violation of Arizona financial responsibility law AND has a cancelled or revoked driver’s license for any reason, or is unlicensed in any jurisdiction.

The specific violation in your case is indicated on the Notice of Impoundment form you will receive from our department.  This impoundment is mandatory and not at the police officer’s discretion.

Can I have a hearing about this impoundment?

The owner, owner’s spouse, or any other person identified in MVD records as having a legal interest in the vehicle may request an impoundment hearing to determine the validity of the impoundment or any mitigating circumstances pertaining to the impoundment, storage, or release of the vehicle before the end of the thirty day impoundment period.  The request for a hearing must be made by calling or writing the number and/or address on the front page within ten (10) days of the date on the Notice of Impoundment that is mailed to all parties with legal interest in the vehicle in accordance with MVD records.  The hearing does not require an attorney or incur any costs and may be held telephonically and will be conducted by a sworn member of the Pima Community College Police Department.

How long is the impoundment for?

The law requires that vehicles impounded under these conditions be stored for a period of thirty (30) days before being released.

How much will it cost to get my vehicle back?

Arizona law requires the owner to pay for all towing charges as well as storage fees.  These charges are owed to the towing company that removed and stored your vehicle. Contact Gary’s Towing at (520)574-9161 for specific towing and storage fees related to your vehicle. In addition, the owner is liable to our agency for an administrative fee of $150.00.

How do I get my vehicle back?

On or after the thirtieth day of the impoundment, you must first come to the Pima Community College Police Department headquarters to prove all corrective actions required by state law have been accomplished, pay an administrative fee of $150.00, and be issued an Impounded Vehicle Release Authorization form to take to the towing company.  Payment may be in the form of cash, money order or a cashier’s check payable to: Pima Community College.  An appointment must be made in order to process the release of your vehicle.  Walk-Ins will not be accepted.  You may schedule an appointment by calling (520)206-2692  Impound release hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Prior to release the following conditions must be met:

  • The driver/owner picking up the vehicle must have a current driving privilege.
  • The vehicle must have current registration.
  • The vehicle must have current insurance.
  • Pay an administrative fee of $150.00
  • If a functioning ignition interlock device has been mandated for the vehicle, it must be installed. (Access to install this device can be allowed during the impoundment period without costs assessed by the storage facility).
  • After getting the Impounded Vehicle Release Authorization from the Records Section, you must take it to the towing company where the vehicle is stored and present it to them and pay all impound charges and fees due on the vehicle.

What will happen if I cannot claim my vehicle?

Under Arizona law the towing company may file for an abandoned title and seek ownership of the vehicle if it is left at the tow yard unclaimed for more than ten (10) days. If you have difficulty in paying for the towing and storage, but wish to retain ownership of your vehicle, you should contact the towing company and discuss the matter with them.

Can my bank or anyone else claim my vehicle?

A motor vehicle dealer, bank, credit union, acceptance corporation, or any other licensed financial institution legally operating in this state, or any other person who is not the owner and holds a secured interest in the vehicle as identified in MVD records may make a claim on your vehicle if they present foreclosure documents or an affidavit of repossession of the vehicle and pay all impound, towing, and storage fees related to the impoundment of the vehicle.  The person other than the owner with interest in the vehicle may require the owner to pay the charges the person incurred in obtaining custody of the vehicle before they release the vehicle back to the owner.

Can I get my vehicle back before the 30-days is up?

Under certain limited circumstances, you may be able to have the vehicle returned to you prior to the end of the 30-days. You may be eligible to have the vehicle released early only if you meet specific conditions or circumstances and you enter into an early release agreement.  Contact the Pima Community College Police Department at (520)206-2692 to determine if you are eligible for early release.

Would I still have to pay fees and charges if the vehicle is released early to me?

Yes, the owner is still liable for administrative charges and all towing and storage fees.

If I am found “not guilty” on my criminal or traffic charges will that affect the impound of my vehicle?

No. As long as the officer impounded your vehicle according to the law and Pima Community College Police Department procedures the outcome of any trial does not affect the impoundment of the vehicle.

What if someone other than the owner was driving the vehicle when it was impounded?

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying all fee and charges in order to get the vehicle released.

Who do I call if I have more questions?

Call the Pima Community College Police Department at (520)206-2692 between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M., Monday thru Friday.