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Protecting Yourself & Your Property

How to Protect Yourself

Avoid dark vacant places on campus.

Be alert. If you are being followed, head quickly for a lighted area or to a group of people.

When Walking:

  • Avoid shortcuts.
  • Walk where there is plenty of light and traffic.
  • Never walk alone at night unless absolutely necessary.
  • Report any suspicious activity or misconduct to DPS.

Give your car the quick "once over" before entering with a critical eye for possible break-ins or persons in the rear seat or floor area.

How to Protect Your Textbooks

Textbooks are an expensive and necessary part of your college education. Year after year they increase in cost. It is necessary for you to take steps to protect your investment:

  • Placing your name on the inside of the cover of your books can help deter thieves who would attempt to resell the book.
  • Do not leave your textbooks, calculators or book-bags unattended in study rooms, hallways, libraries, cafeterias or unsecured lockers. Record the serial numbers of calculators and computers.
  • Thieves know where students leave their belongings unattended and watch for opportunities to take your property. Be suspicious of persons hanging around storage areas, i.e. outside of bookstores, with no apparent purpose. If you see someone suspicious or you discover that you have been victimized, contact the DPS at 206-2700.

How to Protect Your Property

Members of the College community are vulnerable to the same problems encountered by residents of any major metropolitan area. DPS mission is to protect the College community by patrolling the campuses and surrounding areas; however the opportunity for crime still exists and the College community can still be victimized by criminal acts.

Each person of the College community can assist the DPS in its effort to apprehend criminals by utilizing preventive measures to reduce the opportunity for criminal acts and by taking the following precautions:

  • The campus is well lighted, but it is wise to employ the "buddy system" when walking to your car at night or traveling to other points in the area.
  • Personal property, purses, brief cases, etc., should never be left unattended. Take such items with you if you are leaving the office, classroom, or library study area for any length of time.
  • Try not to carry large amounts of cash on your person, or display large amounts of money.
  • Make a record of the serial numbers of both college and personal property in your office.
  • A record of your personal credit cards should also be maintained.
  • When leaving your office or room for the day, make sure:
    • All windows are closed and locked.
    • All valuable items are removed from the top of desks (radios, clocks, pens, etc.).
    • All desks and files are locked.
    • All doors are closed and locked.
  • Never loan equipment or keys to strangers.
  • Require identification and authorization from any "repair person" wanting to remove a computer or other office equipment from the room.
  • Notify your supervisor or the Department of Public Safety of any suspicious person.
  • Keep your auto locked. Never leave the keys in the ignition, and avoid leaving property where it is visible on the seats; store it in the trunk instead.