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Safety and Security

The Pima College Police Department assists the College with security awareness and crime prevention. Facilities inspections are conducted on a regular basis to evaluate safety and security practices, lighting conditions and alarm systems with written reports, recommendations and follow-up inspections.

PCC Police provides random patrol of all college facilities. Patrols consist of certified law enforcement officers, community service officers and contracted security personnel. Means of patrol are by motor vehicle patrol, golf cart patrols, bicycle patrol and foot patrol.

Access and Emergencies at Campus Facilities

Pima College Police has access to student and employee files in order to:

  • verify the status of students and employees,
  • locate individuals during an emergency,
  • identify who is to be notified if an emergency arises at a campus, and
  • identify who has been granted access to facilities at other than school hours.

An extensive fire and intrusion alarm system monitors the status of most College facilities and includes robbery and duress alarms at all locations which handle money. The alarm system is monitored by the Pima College Police Communications Center.