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Leadership Team: Agendas and Minutes

Approved minutes are posted as soon as they are available and are linked from the meeting dates listed below. Agendas and minutes from the 2014-15 academic year are also available.

2015-16 Academic Year



July 19, 2016

I. Outstanding Staff and Faculty Awards (Dan Berryman)

II. PCC Website – Strategies About How to Make it More Responsive/Effective (Lorraine Morales)

III. College Reorganization – Update and Next Steps (Lorraine Morales)

IV. Upcoming Meeting with the Smith Group for Facilities/Education Master Plan [07/21/16] (Bill Ward)

V. Hall of Accomplishments (Jeff Silvyn)

VI. Approval of Summary Notes from June 21, 2016

VII. Strategic Initiatives (Jeff Silvyn)

  • STEM Innovation Challenge

VIII. 21st Century Classroom Budget Request (Jeff Silvyn)

  • Advanced Manufacturing Initiative ‐ CAD 270 Integrated Design Lab for Mechanical/Electro‐Mechanical Design
June 21, 2015

I.   Supervision in the 21st Century - Cohort 2 – CLP Presentations (Dena Wakefield)

II.  VFA Update (Nic Richmond)

III. Standing Committee Recommendations (J. Silvyn)

IV.  ELT Retreat Discussion (L. Lambert, D. Berryman)

V.   Applicant Travel Costs Update (D. Berryman)

VI.  Vacancies Chart (D. Bea)

VII.  Approval of Summary Notes (D. Bea)

  • June 7, 2016 ELT Summary Notes

VIII. Strategic Initiative Budget Requests (D. Bea)

  • Prior Learning Assessment Implementation
June 7, 2016

I.  Raj Murthy Introduction (D. Bea)

II.  2016-17 Curriculum Calendar and Schedule Roll (Julian Easter)

III.  HLC Update (Bruce Moses)

IV.  Diversity Plan (Allison Coulter Mack)

V.  Approval of Summary Notes (D. Bea)

  • May 17, 2016 ELT Summary Notes

VI.  Upcoming FLSA Changes (D. Berryman)

VII.  Non-Exempt Employee Performance Evaluation Task Force Revised Proposal (D. Berryman)

VIII.  All College Day Planning (D. Berryman)

IX.  ELT Retreat (D. Berryman)

X.  Community Use of Facilities (M. Phillips)

XI.  Strategic Initiative Budget Requests (D. Bea)

  • Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) Institute

XII.  21st Century Classroom Budget Requests (D. Bea)

  • DV Distance Learning Classroom
  • DV Laptops and iPads for Dev Ed
  • DV Update Microbiology Classroom Microscopes
  • WC Mobile Notebooks to enhance and support Student Success in core disciplines
  • WC Enhancing Student Success Through Classroom Tablet Supported Learning
May 17, 2016

I.   Curriculum Process Review Update (Julian Easter)

II.  Dual Enrollment Update (Julian Easter)

III. Education Master Plan update (Nic Richmond, Kate Schmidt)

IV.  District Office – Mail Services Relocation (Rene Reichardt)

V.   Temporary Employee Framework (Gwen Goodman, Lee Nichols)

VI.  PCC Class and Comp Study (L. Morales)

VII.  Approval of Summary Notes (D. Bea)

  • May 3, 2016 ELT Summary Notes

VIII.  Prior Learning Assessment (L. Morales)

  • PLA Task Force Executive Summary and Recommendation
  • PLA Implementation Plan
May 3, 2016

I. Approval of Summary Notes (D. Bea)

  • March 15, 2016 ELT Summary Notes
  • April 5, 2016 ELT Summary Notes

II.  All College Council Update (S. Perez)

III.  Outstanding Faculty and Staff Awards Program (D. Berryman)

IV.  Administrator Performance Review Process for FY16 (D. Berryman)

V.  Financial Aid Update

VI.  Board Packet Review (D. Bea)

VII. FY17 Budget overview (D. Bea)

VIII. 21st Century Classroom Requests (D. Bea)

  • DC – Manipulative to align and enhance Biology Learning Center Curriculum

IX.  Strategic Initiative Budget Requests (D. Bea)

  • WC – Increase Enrollment/Revenue (Partnership with the Kamehameha schools)
April 5, 2016

I.  HLC Notice Report Update and Timeline (Bruce Moses, Carin Rubenstein)

II.  Draft AP on naming (J. Silvyn)

III.  Board Packet Discussion (D. Bea)

IV.  Fitness Certificate (M. Phillips)

V.  Aviation Czar (M. Phillips)

VI.  PoMCo Emergency Notification System (M. Phillips)

VII.  Facilities Charge-backs (M. Phillips)

VIII.  Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) Update (D. Doré)

IX.  Update on All College Council (S. Perez)

X.  Strategic Initiative Budget Requests (D. Bea)

  • SB1322 Recognition Activities
  • Targeted Tutoring
  • Tutor Linked Courses
  • Developmental Education Professional Development Adjunct Faculty
  • Integrated College Skills FY16
  • Integrated College Skills FY17
  • Non Credit Learning Opportunities FY16
  • Non Credit Learning Opportunities FY17
March 15, 2016

I.  Arizona and Tucson Demographic Data Overview (N. Richmond)

II.  Strategic Planning (N. Richmond)

III.  Strategic Plan Unit Plan Reminder (D. Bea)

IV.  Approval of Summary Meeting Notes (D. Bea)

  • February 16, 2016 ELT Summary Notes
  • March 1, 2016 ELT Summary Notes

V.  PCC Outreach to Municipalities in Pima County (D. Doré)

VI.  Biosciences Laboratory Technology Certificates (D. Doré)

VII.  Board Item Reviews by ELT (D. Bea)

VIII.  Strategic Initiative Budget Requests (S. Perez)

  • Marketing for Online, International, and Lifelong Learning
March 1, 2016

I.  Note: due to sickness, the Service Excellence phone call with Teri Yanovitch will be rescheduled.

II.  Student Services Center Scheduling (K. Mitchell for D. Duran-Cerda)

III.  All College Council Update (S. Perez)

IV.  Expenditure Limitation Update (D. Bea)

V.  Automotive Plan (D. Doré)

VI.  Bridges Out of Poverty – PCC Food Pantry (L. Morales)

VII.  Strategic Initiative Budget Requests

  • NAU – Nursing Program Relocation to West Campus
  • Principal Business Analyst Student - 2
  • ADR Student Support/Academic Coach
Feb. 16, 2016

I.   Approval of Summary Meeting Notes (D. Bea)

  • February 2, 2016 ELT Summary Notes

II.   Additional Course Fee, BIO 112 (D. Doré)

III.  Mission KPIs (N. Richmond)

IV.   Budget Update (D. Bea)

V.    Tuition Ideas (D. Bea)

VI.  21st Century Classroom Requests (D. Bea)

  • WC - 21st Century CBR - WC Enhancements C208 Classroom
  • WC - 21st Century CBR - WC Interdisciplinary Digital Fab Hub
  • WC - 21st Century CBR - WC Laptops with Charging Cart
  • WC - 21st Century CBR - WC Mobile iPads & Cart

VII.  Capital Budget for Fiscal Year 2017

Feb. 2, 2016

I. Costco Business Model (M. Hanna)

II.  Approval of Summary Notes (D. Bea)

  • January 5, 2016 ELT Summary Notes

III.  ELT Meeting Time Management (D. Bea)

IV.  Course Fee Changes (D. Bea)

V.  All College Council (S. Perez)

VI.  Proposed Policy Chart (J. Silyvn)

VII. SIG Report Discussion (K. Mitchell)

VIII.  Draft Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (SEMP) (K. Mitchell + N. Richmond)

IX.  Strategic Initiative Budget Request review (D. Bea)

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • College-wide Service Assessment: The iPad Project

X.  Hiring Justification process review for upgraded/downgraded positions (D. Bea)

Jan. 5, 2016

I. HLC Update (B. Moses)

II. Approval of Summary Notes (D. Bea)

  • December 15, 2015 ELT Summary Notes

III. Spring Enrollment (D. Bea)

IV. Google Applications (C. Dooling)

V. College Reorganization (J. Silvyn)

  • DO/Campus Resources
  • Summer Programs
  • Personnel

VI. Textbook Cost Taskforce

VII. Tone of Emails (D. Duran-Cerda)

VIII. Firearms and other Weapons Policy (W. Ward)

IX. Scheduling Program for Maximizing FTSE (M. Phillips)

Dec. 15, 2015

I.  Financial Aid Update/Department of Education Debrief (K. Mitchell & D. Duran-Cerda)

II. Approval of Summary Notes (D. Bea)

  • December 1, 2015 ELT Summary Notes

III. Department of Education Debrief (D. Duran-Cerda)

IV. Assignment of Board Policies to Units (J. Silvyn)

V. Board Retreat/Assessment (L. Morales)

VI. Change Management (Chancellor)

VII. Bridges out of Poverty/Employee Resource Network (L. Morales)

VIII. New fact-checking Process (S. Perez)

IX. Revised Media Guidelines (S. Perez)

X. Attendance Tracking (D. Doré)

XI. PCC Employees to Serve as the Service Excellence Team (D. Berryman)

XII. PCC Employees to Attend the Inaugural Class of the Leadership Academy (D. Berryman)

XIII. Strategic Initiative Budget Update (D. Bea)

XIV. 21st Century Classroom Fund Request (D. Doré)

  • Installation of Manual Lathes

XV. College Reorganization (J. Silvyn)

  • DO/Campus Resources
  • Summer Programs
  • Personnel

XVI. Current Temporary Employees Increasing to Greater than 20 Hours (D. Bea)

Dec. 1, 2015

I.    Capstone Learning Project Presentations (Gary Cruze)

II.   Approval of Summary Notes

  • November 17, 2015

III.  College Readiness Assessment (L. Morales)

IV.  Strategic Initiative Budget Request

  • Catalog and Curriculum Automations – Provost Request
Nov. 17, 2015

I.    Records Information Management and Security Update (K. Myers)

II.   HLC Update (B. Moses)

III.  Approval of Summary Notes (D. Bea)

  • October 20, 2015
  • November 3, 2015

IV.  Administrative Organization (J. Silvyn)

V.   College Reorganization

  • DO/Campus Resources
  • Summer Programs
  • Personnel

VI.  Strategic Initiative Budget Request

VII. International Student Services Office (ISSO) Expansion

Nov. 3, 2015

I.    Facilitating Organizational Change (D. Bea)

II.   Small Business Development (L. Morales)

III.  Administrative Organization (J. Silvyn)

IV.   Strategic Initiative Budget Request (D. Bea)

V.    Budget/vacancies (D. Bea)

Oct. 20, 2015 I.    College-wide Impact
  • Office of Dispute Resolution (B. Shoun)
II.   Accreditation
  • Accreditation Improvement Updates (J. Easter)
 III. Enrollment
  • Enrollment Plan (J. Stirrup)
 IV.       Organizational Change/Budget Impact
  • Wellness Committee (D. Bea)
  • Great Ideas Summary (D. Bea)
  • 21st Century Classroom Fund Form/Process Approval (D. Doré)
 V.   Legal/Regulatory Issues
  • Financial Aid Update (K. Mitchell)
VI.  College-wide Impact
  • Classes on Saturday, January 2 (K. Mitchell/D. Bea)
VII. Communications
  • Achieving the Dream (S. Perez)
  • HACU Annual Conference 2015 (S. Perez)
Oct. 6, 2015

Discussion/Information Items

I.       Cabinet/Executive Leadership Team

  • Meeting/Agendas
    • HLC
    • Enrollment
    • Organizational Change
    • Legal/Regulatory Issues
    • College-wide impact
    • Necessary for executive team to review
    • Notes/Minutes/Follow up

II.      Communications

III.     Budget Update

  • Organization
    • District Office Organization Structure Change
    • Campus administrative structures
    • Hiring justifications
Sept. 15, 2015

I.    Presentation

  • Facilities Master Plan (Bill Ward/Paulein & Smith Group JJR)
  • EdReady Membership (Erica Holmes/Jeff Thies)

II.   Action Items

  • EdReady Membership (Erica Holmes)
  • Administrative Structure-Next Steps (Lorraine Morales)
  • Standing Committee Recommendations (Erica Holmes for Debbie Yoklic)

III.  Discussion/Information Items

  • Transition to Administrative Procedures (Jeff Silvyn)
  • Communications with Board members (Jeff Silvyn)
  • 21st Century Classroom Innovation Fund (David Doré)
Aug. 24, 2015
  • Payment Plan Changes (Debbie Yoklic & Cecily Westphal)
  • Security (Cindy Dooling & Will McCullen)
  • Retirement Benefits and Adjunct (Gwen Goodman)
  • Copyright (Jeff Silvyn)
  • Denied Reaffirmation for Compton Community College (Erica Holmes)
Aug. 11, 2015
  • ASRS and Affordable Health Care Act (Gwen Goodman)
  • Exempt Employee Evaluation Presentation (Employee Group Reps.)
  • Non-Exempt Employee Evaluation Presentation (Employee Group Reps.)
  • Faculty Employee Evaluation Presentation (Employee Group Reps.)
  • Mission and Vision (Nic Richmond)