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Arts List - AGEC & CTE General Education

 Important: Specific degrees may require core or support courses that already fulfill some or all of the these requirements. Always use your specific degree web page to identify the courses required to earn your degree.

Courses that are no longer offered have been removed from this list, but may fulfill general education requirements. See an advisor.

Course # Course Title Credits I/C/G*
ART 100 Basic Design 3   
ART 105 Exploring Art and Visual Studies 3 G
ART 106 Survey of Painting Materials, and Techniques 3 G  
ART 110 Drawing I [SUN# ART 1111] 3   
ART 115 Color and Composition 3   
ART 120 Sculptural Design [SUN# ART 1115] 3   
DAR 250 Computer 2D Animation: Adobe After Effects 4   
DAR 251 Computer 3D Animation: Maya 4   
DAR 252 Interactive Design I 4   
MUS 102 Music Fundamentals 3   
MUS 108** Pima Jazz Band I 1   
MUS 109** Pima Jazz Band II 1
MUS 111 Exploring Music Through Piano 3   
MUS 116** Pima Community College Orchestra I 1   
MUS 117** Pima Community College Orchestra II 1   
MUS 120** Concert Band I 1   
MUS 121** Concert Band II 1   
MUS 125*** Structure of Music I 3   
MUS 127*** Aural Perception I 1   
MUS 130** Chorale (SATB) 1   
MUS 131** College Singers (SATB) 1   
MUS 151 Exploring Music 3   
MUS 160 Popular Music in America 3 C
THE 105 Theater Appreciation 3 C
WRT 205 Introduction to Poetry Writing 3   
WRT 206 Short Story Writing 3   

*  Indicates whether course fulfills AGEC requirement for Intensive writing, Cultural diversity and/or Global diversity.

** Three credits are required in this category. To meet the three credit requirement with this course it would need to be repeated and/or combined with other course(s) in this category.

*** MUS 125 and MUS 127 together are equivalent to MUS 120A at the University of Arizona.

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