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Downtown Campus - Title V

Through the Title V grant, Downtown campus is transforming the campus through Students in the Center, an activity designed to infuse the campus and classrooms with global awareness, critical thinking, digital literacy skills and cutting-edge instructional technology.

The Title V grant at the Downtown Campus consists of three components:

Course Redesign

Through professional development leading to course redesign, faculty members will become not only more effective teachers, but also “student developers” who respond to the 21st century learning needs of the diverse students the College serves.

Educational and Career Development Services

Further supporting these diverse learners will be newly developed Educational and Career Development services, including digital Individual Education and Career Plans (IECPs), Career Exploration, E-Portfolios, Employability Skill Enhancement and professional Skill Enhancement. Advisor training will prepare faculty members and staff to use these planning tools to enhance student academic success and career preparation.

Center for Integrated Learning

The initiatives will come together in the Center for Integrated Learning (CIL), which will support student and faculty instruction, with instructional and collaborative areas, including Learning Studios. These adaptable spaces, with wireless connectivity and portable furnishings, can be readily reconfigured and customized for small and large group collaboration, instruction and training.

In the CIL, faculty members and students can prepare for the 21st century in an environment that promotes instructional innovation, collaboration and diverse learning styles and support needs.