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Student Reports

Student Reports

The College carries out research into the enrollment characteristics of our students and their success to support institutional effectiveness, program review, enrollment management and other areas of College operations. In addition, we survey our graduating students to get their input on their Pima experience.  


Student Success

  • Academic Success Indicators: Course grades, GPA, course completion and retention by selected student and course characteristics.
  • Graduate Report: Information on the awards that PCC students received during the most recently completed academic year, including certificates and degrees for credit programs, and certificates of completion awards from the Center for Training and Development. This report includes five-year trend data on awards by program area.

Student Transfer

  • PCC Transfer Rates: PCC's transfer rates for the New-to-Higher Education Cohorts from 2006-07 to 2009-10.
  • Summary of Arizona Community College Transfer Rates: Transfer rates for the New-to-Higher Education Cohorts of all Arizona Community Colleges 2006-07 to 2009-10.
  • PCC to UA Transfer Student Success: Reports success of students who transferred from PCC to the University of Arizona.
  • Executive Summary Transfer Report: Overview information on PCC students who transferred to other State universities.

Student Surveys