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Other Reports

Attain, LLC: Financial Aid Reports, 2015

Beginning in July 2015 an independent consulting firm, Attain LLC, worked with PCC to support our financial aid systems and processes.

Community Perceptions Survey, 2014

During April 2014 an independent firm surveyed the community about their perceptions of Pima Community College and higher education.

Read the 2014 Community Perceptions Survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey, 2013

During November-December 2013, an independent firm surveyed Pima Community College employees about their satisfaction with College culture and policies, work environment, and other topics.

Organizational Climate Survey, 2008

During the fall of 2008, an independent firm surveyed Pima County residents and community leaders, and Pima Community College students and employees, to assess how they perceive the College.

View:  Executive Summary, 2008 Organizational Climate Survey

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