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Dr. Zelema Harris provides update on Self-Study process

Email sent to PCC employees on February 28, 2014 by Acting Provost Zelema Harris regarding the status of the Self-Study process.


This month, the College took some major steps toward successfully emerging from probation.  Those accomplishments are:

Futures Conference
More than 200 people, including PCC students and employees, business owners, community and government leaders, took part in the College’s first Futures Conference. Chancellor Lambert has called this “a milestone event for our strategic planning process.” You can read more about the College’s Strategic Plan online.

HLC Foundations Workshops
This month, the HLC Project Management Team began a series of HLC educational sessions to inform and engage employees in HLC activities and progress. Each Higher Learning Commission Foundation Workshop also will allow them to answer questions from the audience.  The campuses, the District Office and Maintenance and Security will be helping the Project Management Team to disseminate the information throughout their areas.  Follow-up sessions will be held later in the spring semester.  Read @PimaNews to learn when your location will host a session.

“Are We There Yet?” January 31st
In addition, on January 31, the “Are We There Yet?” event provided updates about the status of our HLC activities. A link to a video of the presentations, as well as details on other probation-related activities can be found on the PCC Addresses Probation web page.

Reminder: Accreditation and probation-related topics each week in @PimaNews
Another way to stay informed about this process is to check @PimaNews each week for a brief overview of timely accreditation topics. 

I am extremely thankful to the approximately 300 members of the PCC family, including employees, students and community members, who are preparing the Institutional Self-Study. Their efforts demonstrate to the HLC that the College deserves to have its accreditation fully restored.

The Provost’s Office will continue to email all employees on the last Friday of each month detailing the latest on the College’s work toward complying with the standards of the HLC.

Zelema Harris, Ed.D.
Acting Provost