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Phase 1 of Self-Study Completed

Communication sent to employees on September 26, 2013 by Provost Jerry Migler regarding progress in the Self-Study process.

Self-Study Phase 1 Completed on Time

I am pleased to report that our first phase of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Self-Study has been completed on time.  Phase 1 involved the collection of evidence related to all of the HLC criteria and other accreditation requirements.  We have now moved into Phase 2 of the Self-Study, which is focused on the Analysis and Evaluation of the evidence.  Phase 2 will conclude on November 1st.  The goal of Phase 2 is to determine our level of compliance with each of the HLC requirements.  In preparation for Phase 2, the Steering Committee Members and Administrative Sponsors completed a training session on Friday, September 13th on how to analyze evidence.  The Steering Committee completed additional training on this topic at their meeting on September 20th.

HLC Action Teams

In the Probation Letter we received from the HLC on April 16th, there were a number of areas in which the college was identified as being out of compliance with HLC criteria.  Work has already begun on addressing these issues.  Action Teams have been formed in the departments and work units responsible for each of these areas.  The charge of these Action Teams is to have remedies in place so that we will be in compliance with the HLC requirements by May 1, 2014.

Monthly Campus Update Sessions

Watch for monthly HLC update sessions to be held on each campus beginning in October.  Additional information on HLC activities and progress will be provided at these sessions along with an opportunity for questions and answers.

SENSE Survey

To gather evidence related to student experiences at PCC, the Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) is being administered this fall (and is actually underway).  The survey is administered to students in randomly selected courses based on protocols given to us by the Center for Community College Student Engagement.  While the survey is not administered to all students, the selection protocol does allow us to draw conclusions about our overall student population.  On behalf of the College, a special thank you is due to the many faculty who have adjusted their schedules to allow for this important survey and also the students who participated.

Additional Faculty Members and Students to be added to Self-Study Committees

A call for student and additional faculty participation on the HLC Self-Study committees was extended earlier this month. The online interest survey closed Sunday, September 15th.   The process of matching the interests and preferences of volunteers with committees has been completed and new members will be notified this week.  As with any committee, there is the struggle to keep membership at a level that represents all stakeholders yet remains effective. With this consideration in mind, 36 faculty, adjunct faculty and staff instructors were placed on committees at this time.  Also, approximately 20 students were added to committees.

HLC Self-Study Participation

Current committee membership is provided on our website.  Go to About Pima, then click on PCC Address Probation.  There are currently over 275 individuals serving on the Self-Study and this number will be well over 300 with the addition of new faculty and student members. 

Jerry Migler, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Pima Community College