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Call for faculty and staff instructor volunteers

Communication sent to faculty, adjunct faculty and staff instructors on September 6, 2013 by Vice Provost Martinez Sanchez requesting additional volunteers for the Self-Study committees.

Dear Colleagues,

In order to emerge successfully from probation, Pima Community College must conduct a comprehensive Self-Study that demonstrates our compliance with the HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation and that shows that we have fully addressed the concerns that led to the probation sanction. The HLC Self-Study is due July 2014.

Because of that deadline, completion of the study must be the College’s top priority over the next two semesters. Due to this extremely tight timeline, and in consultation with Faculty Senate leadership, committees were formed and began the planning and research work over the summer.

You may remember, we solicited membership for HLC committees after the end of the spring semester.  At that time we indicated that we would conduct a second recruitment once the fall semester began to give opportunities to both students, full-time faculty, adjunct faculty and staff instructors who were not available to serve during the summer months.   We are reaching out to those groups now.

Each committee is described below. Please read the descriptions below to see if there are committees you are interested in serving on. You can indicate your interest by filling out the survey available at this link. The deadline for submitting your interest survey is Sunday September 15, 2013 by Midnight.  We plan to have the results of the placements emailed to you during the week of September 23, 2013.

As with the first recruitment, we will do our best to make committee selections based on the identified interests of individual faculty members.  However, depending on the number of responses and their HLC committee preferences, we may not be able to find committee assignments for everyone.

Together, we can make sure Pima remains a great place to work and study.

Thank you,

Dr. Mary Ann Martinez Sanchez
Vice Provost and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Services
Accreditation Liaison Officer
District Office