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Self-Study Committee Selection Process Completed

Communication sent to employees on June 21, 2013 by Provost Jerry Migler reporting that the employee selection process for self-study committee memberships has been completed.

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to report that approximately 300 PCC employees indicated an interest in serving on a Self-Study Committee.  Such a high level of interest is quite impressive and indicates to our community and the HLC that we, as a College, take this work seriously and that we are committed to remedying the issues that led to probation.

A challenge with the high level of employee interest has been accommodating everyone’s interests and choices.  As you may recall from the survey, the primary criteria for committee membership were a) employee level of interest in certain committees and b) balancing representation across campuses and work units.  With the high level of interest, it was determined that we would increase the sizes of certain committees slightly in order to allow more employees to participate in the Self-Study process.   Committee interest was especially high among the non-exempt and exempt employee groups and consequently, the expanded committee membership consists mostly of employees from these areas.  There is still a need for additional faculty representation and faculty will have another opportunity to express interest in committee service when they return in the fall.  Overall, approximately 230 PCC employees have been assigned to committee membership.  Of these, about 140 were assigned their first choice.

Although it has taken extra time to accommodate employee interest, the committee selection process has been completed.  Notifications regarding committee membership are being sent today to employees via email.  We believe that we have accomplished the goal of forming committees that are representative of the college and have the ability and expertise to address the HLC requirements within each of the committees. 

A kick-off meeting for members of all 14 Self-Study Committees is scheduled for next Friday, June 28th, from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM at the 29th St. Coalition Center.  It is important that committee members and their supervisors make arrangements so that committee members are able to attend this event.

Unfortunately, even with expanded committee memberships, we were not able to accommodate everyone’s request.  While we were able to find committee assignments for individuals who indicated interest in multiple committees, we were not able to do so for some who expressed interest in just one or two committees.  For individuals not assigned to committees at this time, we have maintained them as possible alternate members, as we anticipate that some employees may not be able to participate on the committees for which they were originally assigned.

Once confirmation has been received from all prospective committee members indicating whether or not they are able to serve, a final list of committees and their memberships will be posted on the College’s website.  A summary of overall committee interest as generated from the online survey will also be provided.

An invitation for community participation on the Self-Study Committees is currently underway.  Likewise, students will also be invited to serve, but with the understanding that most will likely not begin participating until the fall semester starts.

Jerry Migler, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Pima Community College