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Standard Practice Guides

Between January 2015 and June 2016 all College Regulations (RG) and Standard Practice Guides (SPG) will be reviewed by the responsible units.  They will be replaced by Administrative Procedures.

If you do not see a specific SPG listed below that you are familiar with or that is referenced in another document, check to see if it is has been revised as a new Administrative Policy  Reviewing the Board Policy Crosswalk - Old to New Numbering can help you identify the new numbering category for the related Board Policy.  New Administrative Procedures will share the same base numbers.


SPG-1302-AA: Signature Authority for Grants and Contracts

SPG-1302-AB: Contracts

SPG-1401-AA:  Governance Council

SPG-1501-AA: Procedure for Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

SPG-1501-AC:  Americans with Disability Act Reasonable Accommodation Guideline for Employees/ Applicants

SPG-1501-AD: ADA & Equal Opportunity, Reasonable Accommodation Guidelines for Students

SPG-1501-AF: Disability Documentation Requirements: Establishment of Eligibility for Services under ADA/Section 504

SPG-1501-AG:  Disabled Students’ Complaint Procedure

SPG-1502-AA: College Standing Committees, Task Forces, and Faculty and Staff Governance Review Bodies

SPG-1502-BA:  Cyclical Review of Job Classification

SPG-1502-BB:  Individual Position Review

SPG-1504-AA: Institutional Effectiveness Program

SPG-1505-AA: Sexual Violence

SPG-1505-AB:  Sex Offender Notification

SPG-1505-BB:  Mandatory Reporting – Abuse of a Minor

SPG-2301-AA: Acquisition of Real Property

SPG-2301-AB: Long Form Facility Specifications

SPG-2301-AC: Capital Project Management

SPG-2301-AD: Short Form Facilities Specifications

SPG-2301-AE: Capital Project Communication

SPG-2302-AA: Architect Selection Committee

SPG-2302-AB: Architect Selection - Access Guidelines

SPG-2303-AA: Smoking on District Property

SPG-2402-AA: Internal Audits

SPG-2501-AA: Chargeback Procedures-Administrative Services and Facilities

SPG-2501-BA: Key Control

SPG-2503-AA: Use of College Facilities

SPG-2701/AA:  Copyright Practice and Compliance

SPG-3001-AA: Faculty Standards and Qualifications

SPG-3101-AA: Assessment of Prior Learning

SPG-3101-BA: Secondary School Occupational Course Articulation

SPG-3104-AA: Catalog Information

SPG-3105-AA: Curriculum Alignment, Unification and Placement

SPG-3105-AB: Inactivation of a Program of Study

SPG-3105-AC: College Curriculum Council

SPG-3105-BA:  Noncredit Courses and Programs

SPG-3105-DA: Program and Service Review

SPG-3105-FA: Honorary Awards Procedures

SPG-3105-GA: Criteria for Placement of New Programs

SPG-3106-BA: Curriculum Procedures Manual

SPG-3106-BB: College Discipline Area Committee

SPG-3106-BD: College Curriculum Office

SPG-3111-AA:  Transcript Evaluation Standards

SPG-3114-AA:  Advising and Orientation

SPG-3116-AA:  Contract Training and Services

SPG-3117-AA: General Education

SPG-3201-AA:  Occupational Program External Advisory Committees

SPG-3202-AA:  Course Materials

SPG-3501-AA:  Admissions

SPG-3501-AB: Student Success: Academic Renewal

SPG-3501-AC:  Registration Process for Credit Courses

SPG-3505-AA: Student Organizations

SPG-3509-AA:  Placement Evaluation Process for Reading, Writing, Mathematics and English as a Second Language Course Selection

SPG-3603-AA: Access and Disability Resources Community Advisory Committee (ADRCAC)

SPG-3603-BA: Guidelines for Utilization of Service Animals for Individuals with Disabilities

SPG-3605-AA:  Public Access and Expression on College Property

SPG-4004-AA: Recognition at Board of Governors Meetings

SPG-4004-AB: Faculty Emeritus Status

SPG-4006-AA: Drug-Free Environment

SPG-4201-BA:  Filling Authorized, Vacant, Regular, Staff and Administrator Positions

SPG-4201-BB:  Faculty Hiring Process

SPG-4201-CA:  Disclosure of Conflict of Interest – Pecuniary or Proprietary Interest

SPG-4301-AA: Workplace Violence Prevention

SPG-5502-AA:  Fundraising Procedure and Gift Policy

SPG-5503-AA: Building and Facilities Naming

SPG-5602-AA: Reporting of Student Enrollment

SPG-5603-AA: Human Subjects Review

SPG-5701-AA: General Web Pages

SPG-5701-AB: Web Site Organization

SPG-5701-AC: Institutional Web Pages

SPG-5701-AD: Instructional Web Pages

SPG-5701-AE: Student Organization Web Pages

SPG-5701-AF: Intranet Web Pages

SPG-5701-AG: Personal Web Pages

SPG-5701-AH: External Event/Conference Web Pages

SPG-5701-AI: Web Servers

SPG-5702-AA: Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

SPG-5702-AB: Data Trusteeship

SPG-5702-AC: Security of the Information Technology Infrastructure

SPG-5702-AD: Portable Computer Security

SPG-5702-AE: Security Clearance for College Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

SPG-5702-AF: Technology Hardware and Software Specifications

SPG-5702-AG: Information Technology Related Investigation Guidelines