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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  External Event/Conference Web Pages
SPG Number:  SPG-5701/AH
Effective Date: 11/5/02
Approval Date:  11/5/02
Review Date(s):   11/2/10
Revision Date(s):
Schedule for Review & Update:
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing
Sponsoring Unit/Department:        Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing
Regulation Title & No.:  Communications Responsibility, RG-5701/A
Board Policy Title & No.:  College Publications, BP-5701
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference:


1.1     External Event/Conference web pages support College-sponsored or co-sponsored conferences, meetings or events that are open to individuals not affiliated with the College, and that do not provide educational services that are normally part of the mission of the College.

2.0     PURPOSE

2.1     External Event/Conference web pages may be created to promote or facilitate the management of College-sponsored or co-sponsored conferences, meetings or events upon the approval of the appropriate College Executive Administrator.


3.1     External Event/Conference web pages shall be stored in a separate directory established for the event/conference on the College's main web server. 

3.2     The pages shall have an e-mail address or a link to an e-mail form, which can be used to contact a responsible party regarding the content of the page(s).

3.3     Event/Conference web pages shall have a link back to an appropriate College web page.

3.4     External Event/Conference web pages must have a unique look-and-feel that differentiates them from other College web pages.  Standard PCC web templates and graphics should not be used on these pages, however the College logo and/or wordmark can be used when appropriate.

3.5     Pages should meet accessibility standards as defined by the College.

3.6     Links may be provided to sponsoring agencies. The Executive Administrator responsible for these web pages should review all sponsorship displays for appropriateness.


4.1     External Event/Conference web pages are restricted from including:

  1. copyrighted, licensed, or privileged information unless appropriate permission has been obtained
  2. information that violates personal privacy
  3. commercial or for-profit activity
  4. any illegal activity including obscene, harassing or threatening materials that are in violation of local, state, national or international law and that can be subject to prosecution
  5. any activity that violates the Federal or State statutes
  6. activities and products that are inconsistent with the College policies including the Employee Handbooks, Student Code of  Conduct


5.1     Web content that supports internal conferences, meetings or events (including student events) or that provide training, consultation or instructional activities that are normally part of the mission of the College shall follow the regulations outlined in the appropriate Institutional, Student Organization or Instructional web pages SPG. 


6.1     The administrator authorizing the web site must set appropriate dates for publishing and removing the pages from the College web site, and must communicate their approval for the site as well as publication dates to Web Systems. 

6.2     The administrator approving the site must approve information in Web pages prior to public release and must commit appropriate resources to handle inquiries and activities generated by the web site in a timely fashion.

6.3     The Director of Web Systems and Vice Chancellor for Information Technology must approve the scripting and security of applications or forms that solicit, communicate or house sensitive information to ensure College privacy and security standards are maintained.