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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Student Organization Web Pages
SPG Number: SPG-5701/AE
Effective Date: 7/1/01
Approval Date: 5/22/01
Review Date(s):   5/17/11
Revision Date(s):  5/24/11
Schedule for Review & Update:   Every three to five years
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
Regulation Title & No.:  Communications Responsibility, RG-5701/A
Board Policy Title & No.: College Publications, BP-5701
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference:             


1.1   Student organization Web pages are those pages developed and maintained by student organizations under the direction of their faculty/staff advisor.


2.1   Student organization web pages may be created by any approved student organization to convey information to the College and general community, and to communicate the purpose and activities of the organization.


3.1   The content and design of student organization Web pages must follow the General Web Page Standard Practice Guide.

3.2   The developers and maintainers of student organization Web pages are strongly urged to comply with the College Web Standards, particularly the navigation schemes.

3.3   Student organization Web pages may not display the PCC logo. 


4.1   The faculty/staff advisor of the student organization creating a student organization page is responsible for all links made from that page.

4.2   The Vice President of Student Development of each campus is responsible for implementing a procedure for the review of all student organization pages created by/for that campus's student organizations to ensure professionalism and adherence to College policy.  The Vice President must assure that the responsible faculty/staff advisors conduct a periodic review of their Web pages to ensure accuracy and timeliness.