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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  General Web Pages
SPG Number:  SPG-5701/AA
Effective Date:  7/1/01
Approval Date:  5/22/01
Review Date(s):   8/5/03, 11/2/10 
Revision Date(s):  
8/5/03, 11/2/10 
Schedule for Review & Update:
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing
Sponsoring Unit/Department:      Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing
Regulation Title & No.:  Communications Responsibility, RG-5701/A
Board Policy Title & No.: College Publications, BP-5701
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference:   


1.1     General Web page guidelines must be followed by all College Institutional, Instructional, and Intranet Web pages. 

2.0     PURPOSE

2.1     General Web page guidelines provide practices that will ensure high quality and consistent content, organization and presentation of information on the College via the Web.


3.1     The appropriate administrator or their designee(s) must approve information in Web pages prior to public release. 

3.2     The principal office responsible for the information should make it available via the Web.  District and Campus offices must coordinate efforts so that the most appropriate unit is responsible for making information available to the public.

3.3     Departments should not create additional Web copies of official documents such as policies, regulations, class schedules, etc.

3.4     Web pages should be written in clear and professional manner.  Pages should be designed to facilitate on-line reading by using short sentences, bulleted lists, and ample white space.

3.5     Every document (or group of documents) shall have an e-mail address or a link to an e-mail form, which can be used to contact a responsible party regarding the content of the page(s).  Units are encouraged to establish a group (unit) e-mail address for their public points-of-contact rather than using the address of an individual employee.  If a group address is not established, the e-mail address used should belong to a regular PCC employee.

3.6     A decision to link to an external resource should be based on mission-related criteria.

3.7     Avoid giving users the impression that the College is endorsing a specific non-College product or service.

3.8     Departmental home pages should include a link to the PCC home page. There should be an explicit link on each page within a group of documents back to its home page, and from that home page back to the Campus or College home page.

3.9     Web pages will clearly identify any restricted-access links and will give information about the restriction.  Examples of restricted pages include the College Portal and licensed databases restricted to College employees and students.

3.10   Standard graphics specifically designed for College and Campus home pages may not be used on other Web pages.  District and Campus home pages will follow a standard layout.


4.1     All College Web pages are restricted from including:

  • copyrighted, licensed, or privileged information unless appropriate permission has been obtained
  • information that violates personal privacy
  • commercial or for-profit activity
  • advertisements
  • any illegal activity including obscene, harassing or threatening materials that are in violation of local, state, national or international law and that can be subject to prosecution
  • activities and products that are inconsistent with the College policies including the Employee Handbooks, Student Code of Conduct, Scholastic Ethics Code, and Sexual Harassment Policy

4.2     The PCC logo may not be used as a graphic element such as a button or border.


5.1     The College student newspaper, The AZTEC Press, may include on their Web version of the newspaper advertisements in line with the guidelines for the print version of the paper.