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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Student Success: Academic Renewal
SPG Number:  SPG-3501/AB
Effective Date:  2/1/00
Approval Date:  2/1/00
Review Date(s):  11/29/11
Revision Date(s):   
Schedule for Review & Update:
  Every Three Years
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  AVC Student Services
Sponsoring Unit/Department: 
AVC Student Services
Regulation Title & No.:  Admissions, RG-3501/A
Board Policy Title & No.:  Admissions, BP-3501
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference: 

Past academic performance may not, for a variety of reasons, be reflective of a student's subsequent demonstrated ability. Academic renewal permits the alleviation of substandard academic performance in cases where the past work may impair the student's progress toward a legitimate educational or career goal. Grades approved for renewal will remain on the student's transcript; however, the grades will no longer be included in the computation of the student's GPA.

Academic Renewal is granted on a semester basis, not on a per course selection basis. The student may have a maximum of three consecutive terms (enrollment in any summer session is considered enrollment for one term) of course work disregarded in calculations regarding academic standing, grade-point average, and eligibility for degree or certificate completion.

  • The student must have earned a minimum of 12 credits with satisfactory grades (minimum 2.5 GPA) after the grades to be alleviated.
  • A minimum of three years must have elapsed since the substandard grades were earned.
  • The student may not have already completed requirements for a certificate or degree.