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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  College Curriculum Council
SPG Number: 
Effective Date:  8/4/98
Approval Date:  8/4/98
Review Date(s):  8/12/0
Revision Date(s):  8/12/09
Schedule for Review & Update:  Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Services
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Services
Regulation Title & No.:  Curriculum Standard, RG-3106/B
Board Policy Title & No.:  Curriculum Development, BP-3106
Legal Reference: 
Cross Reference:   RG-3105/B, BP-3106, RG-3106/A,SPG-3117/AA

The College Curriculum Council evaluates curriculum submissions from each campus for the following qualities.

  1. College-wide impact
  2. Educational soundness
  3. Compliance with College policies, regulations, standard practice guides, and procedures

A checklist of criteria for the evaluation of curriculum proposals appears in the College's Curriculum Procedures Manual.  Technical review of each proposal is conducted by the College curriculum specialist and the College Curriculum Office to ensure the integrity of the documentation.

Items that are approved by the College Curriculum Council are forwarded as recommendations to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Services and Vice Provost who signs off on the documents.  Curriculum items will be submitted to the Board biannually for review.  New programs and deleted programs are submitted to the College Board of Governors for approval.

Composition.  The College Curriculum Council is composed of members who represent a variety of constituents concerned with the quality, cost effectiveness, and integrity of the curriculum:


  • Vice Presidents of Instruction
  • One at-large Vice President of Student Development
  • One faculty representatives from each campus
  • The equivalent number of faculty representatives equal to the campus faculty representation selected by the Faculty Senate
  • One at-large student representative
  • One business and finance representative
  • Two educational support faculty representatives: 
    one representing counseling and one representing library services
  • Co-chairs of the General Education Committee

Advisory Members:         

  • Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Services
  • Director of Occupational Curriculum
  • Director of Transfer Curriculum
  • College Curriculum Specialists


A faculty and vice president of instruction are appointed by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Services and Vice Provost.  The faculty and vice presidents are recommended to the Assistant Vice Chancellor by College Curriculum Council.  The term of office as co-chair is two years.

Additional responsibilities are specified in the Curriculum Procedures Manual.