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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title: Criteria for Placement of New Programs
SPG Number: SPG-3105/GA
Effective Date:  01/25/05
Approval Date:  01/25/05
Review Date(s):              
Revision Date(s):            
Sponsoring Unit/Department:
 Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Services
Regulation Title & No.:      
Board Policy Title & No.
: Curriculum, BP-3105
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference:    

I.    Purpose

The purpose of this Standard Practice Guide is to establish criteria that will be used in the placement of new programs once a feasibility study has determined that the program is viable.  This supports Initiative 1 of the 2004-2006 College Plan.

II.   Components of the College System for Placement of New Programs Criteria

  1. Facilities and infrastructure at site match or can easily match program needs.
  2. Responds to student demographics and/or labor market information.
  3. Facilitates shared curriculum and/or faculty with other programs existing at proposed site.
  4. Strengthens partnerships at the site.
  5. Capitalizes on geographic proximity to industry.
  6. Promotes equitable distribution of student enrollments and support services.
  7. Consistent with the College's strategy for equitable allocation and reallocation of College resources.
  8. Contributes to the growth of programs on a new campus or site.