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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Legal Services
SPG Number:  SPG-1502/AC
Effective Date:  9/2/03
Approval Date:  9/2/03
Review Date(s): 9/1/05, 11/23/09, 4/3/12, 4/17/13
Revision Date(s):  9/20/06, 3/15/07, 11/23/09, 4/3/12, 4/17/13
Schedule for Review & Update:  Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:   Chancellor
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Chancellor
Legal Reference: 
Cross Reference:


Pima Community College regularly uses legal services to promote legal compliance and to further the best interests of the organization.  The College has internal legal resources and also contracts with law firms to provide legal counsel to the College when subject matter expertise is needed or the College does not have sufficient internal resources to address the item.  This SPG establishes the process by which College units may obtain legal services.  


Authorization for Requesting Legal Services

The Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Campus Presidents, Assistant Vice Chancellors, Vice Presidents and the Internal Auditor or their designee are authorized to request legal services.  Others with legal issues or questions should contact their supervisor, who will then contact the appropriate administrator to determine whether legal services should be requested to resolve the issue or question.

Requests for legal services shall be directed to the College General Counsel who, in consultation with the requester, shall determine whether to address the matter internally or whether to refer the matter to a contracted law firm.  The General Counsel shall consult with and obtain the consent of the Chancellor before referring any matter to a contracted law firm. The General Counsel shall be included in substantive communications with contracted law firms so that issues may be coordinated and invoices verified. 


Requests for legal services are addressed in a timely, cost-efficient, and appropriate manner.  For service requests referred to contracted law firms, College contact with contracted those firms is conducted in a conscientious and auditable manner to facilitate appropriate use of legal services for important College matters.