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Pima County Community College District Board Policy

Board Policy Title: Workplace Violence Prevention
Board Policy Number:  BP-4301
Adoption Date:  8/11/04
Revision Date(s):   5/1/14
Review Date(s):  5/1/14
Schedule for Review & Update: 
Every three years
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:
  Board of Governors
Sponsoring Unit/Department:
  Board of Governors
Motion Number:  6555
Legal Reference: Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 23, Chapter 403
Cross Reference: Personnel Policy Statement for College Employees, and Student Rights and Responsibilities

Pima County Community College District promotes a safe environment for its employees, students and visitors.  The College is committed to maintaining an environment free from violence, threats of violence, harassment, intimidation, and other disruptive behavior. The College provides training, education and resources to promote a safe environment and to help prevent instances of work place violence.

Violence, threats, harassment, intimidation, and any other disruptive behavior, which carries an expressed, implied or perceived intent to cause harm to a person or property at any Pima Community College facility or sponsored event will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of every employee, student, or visitor to Pima Community College to report any occurrence of such conduct.  The College will investigate all reports, deal with all violations in accordance with the College Personnel Policy Statement for College Employees and/or the Student Rights and Responsibilities and report to legal authorities, as appropriate, for criminal prosecution.