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Pima County Community College District Board Policy

Board Policy Title:  Outside (Secondary) Employment
Board Policy Number:
Adoption Date: 12/19/86
Revision Date(s):  12/9/09, 1/13/12
Review Date(s): 5/19/14
Schedule for Review & Update:  Every three years
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Human Resources
Sponsoring Unit/Department:
  Human Resources
Motion Number:  3765
Legal Reference:  A.R.S. §38-501 through 38-511
Cross Reference:             

All employees shall be free to seek and engage in outside employment so long as such employment does not interfere with the full and proper discharge of their duties or professional and contractual responsibilities to the College.  Outside or secondary employment refers to any second job, contract or work agreement made by any College employee with any other party, including the College.  It also includes self-employment, owning a business, holding any elected or appointed public office, and holding a position in a political party or organization.

Employees who engage in outside or secondary employment will be subject to the Arizona rules for ethics of public employees.

Outside or secondary employment is not permitted if it impairs an employee’s capacity to perform job duties in an acceptable manner, has adverse impact on the College, or creates a conflict of interest that cannot be resolved in a manner acceptable to the College.

No outside or secondary employment will be conducted using College work time, facilities, equipment, personnel, or materials.  Exceptions may be made if the secondary employment is directly for the College, for example teaching as an adjunct faculty member or a supplemental agreement.

Employees shall not use their position at the College for outside financial or personal gain. 

Employees engaging in volunteer or other outside activities are subject to the Arizona rules for ethics of public employees.

The Board further directs the Chancellor to adopt appropriate procedures to ensure compliance with this policy.