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Pima County Community College District Board Policy

Board Policy Title:  Grading
Board Policy Number: 
Adoption Date:  6/15/88
Revision Date(s):  6/9/99, 10/21/03, 3/14/07, 10/17/14
Schedule for Review & Update:  1/13/15 and Annually thereafter
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Provost
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Provost
Motion Number: 4295, 5872, 6734
Legal Reference: 
Cross Reference:
Class Orientation, BP-3113; Student Attendance and Participation, BP-3103

Grades earned at Pima Community College are recorded at the end of each session according to the following system:

A—Superior (4 grade points per credit hour)

B—Above Average (3 grade points per credit hour)

C—Average (2 grade points per credit hour)

D—Below Average (1 grade point per credit hour)

F—Failure (0 grade points per credit hour)

          NA—Never Attended
                Never Attended (NA) grade indicates that a student was registered for the course, but never engaged in the course by the drop deadline. This grade will have the effect of dropping the student from the course and causing a recalculation of the students’ enrolled credit hours. This grade is not included in the grade point average or completion rate computations nor will it be recorded on a student’s transcript.

               The Withdrawal grade is initiated in one of two ways. It can be initiated by the student after the drop deadline and on or before the 67% point of the term which is the official withdrawal date, or it can be initiated at the discretion of the faculty.  This grade is not included in the grade point average computation.  This grade will impact the completion rate and will be recorded on a student’s transcript. The last date that a student is engaged in an academically related activity will be recorded in conjunction with this grade.

               ‘C’ or better without grade differentiation ordinarily indicated by the College grading system.  A ‘D’ grade may be given at the student’s request and the instructor’s option.

              A record of ‘Incomplete’ as a grade will be made at the student’s request and at the instructor’s option.  A student receiving a grade of ‘I’ will be provided with a standard form specifying the work necessary for completion of the course. After the student completes the work, or after the ‘I’ deadline set by the instructor, the instructor submits a Change of Grade form to the admissions office. If no Change of Grade form is submitted within a year, the ‘I’ will be automatically changed to ‘F.’

          IP—Work in progress in open entry/open exit course 
                A record of IP (in progress) as a grade will be made when a student is making satisfactory progress in a course that crosses sessions in start and end dates.  At the specified end date of the course, the student will be assigned a grade of ‘A,’ ‘B,’ ‘C,’ ‘D,’ ‘F,’ ‘I,’ ‘P’ or ‘W.’

           X—Credit by Exam
                An X placed next to the grade indicates the grade was earned through the successful completion of a proficiency test.

                To audit a course means to enroll in and to attend a class without working for or expecting to receive credit.  The symbol for audit, ‘AU,’ appears on the transcript of grades and on the class list by the student’s name.  Students auditing a class must register by the end of the official refund period and must receive the written permission of the instructor.

Graduation requirements include a 2.0 overall grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 grade point scale.  ‘D’ grades do not fulfill graduation requirements if they are received in core and general education courses.  ‘F’ grades do not fulfill any requirements.  The GPA is based only on work completed at Pima Community College.  A complete record of all credit courses attempted at Pima Community College is maintained for each student.