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Pima County Community College District Board Policy

Board Policy Title: Curriculum
Board Policy Number: BP-3105
Adoption Date: 4/15/81, 2/5/14
Revision Date(s):  12/20/00, 1/13/12, 11/19/13, 2/12/15
Review Date(s):  2/15/15
Schedule for Review & Update:  Every three years
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Office of the Provost
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Office of the Provost
Motion Number:  2500
Legal Reference: 
Cross Reference:   BP-3104, BP-3116 and BP-3117

Pima Community College will strive to evaluate the educational needs of its constituencies, develop appropriate instructional courses and programs to fill these needs, and eliminate those which are no longer meeting a significant need.

The College offers the following types of credit courses: transfer, occupational, special interest, developmental, and workforce response.  The College offers the following types of non-credit courses: clock-hour, continuing education, adult education, and community education.

Credit degrees shall require a minimum of 60 credit hours, 15 hours of which must be earned at Pima Community College.  Certificates shall require no more than 59 credit hours, 6 hours of which must be earned at the College.

The College offers the following credit program credentials: associate degrees and certificates.  The College offers the following non-credit, clock-hour credential: certificates.  Specific course requirements necessary to obtain a degree or certificate shall be outlined in the College catalog. 

The Board of Governors shall approve all new and deleted programs.  The Board of Governors delegates to the Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor the responsibility to review and approve, on behalf of the District, all new, modified and deleted courses, and modifications to programs.