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Administrative Procedures

Approved Administrative Procedures are listed below.

1. Board

AP 1.01.01 Development of Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
AP 1.01.02 Development and Revision Process for Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
AP 1.05.01 College Standing Committees, Task Forces, and College Governance Bodies
AP 1.06.01 All College Council
AP 1.16.01 Mission Evaluation
AP 1.16.02 Strategic and Operational Planning
AP 1.16.03 Operational Effectiveness
AP 1.19.01 Procedures for Naming Opportunities

2. Chancellor

AP 2.11.01 Human Subjects Review
AP 2.15.01 Records and Information Management
AP 2.17.01 General Web Pages
AP 2.17.02 Web Site Organization
AP 2.17.03 Institutional Web Pages
AP 2.17.04 Instructional Web Pages
AP 2.17.05 Student Organization Web Pages
AP 2.17.06 Intranet Web Pages
AP 2.17.07 Personal Web Pages
AP 2.17.08 External Event/Conference Web Pages
AP 2.17.09 Web Servers
AP 2.18.01 College Compliance Program
AP 2.20.01 Drug-and Alcohol-Free Environment

3. Academic and Student Affairs

AP 3.01.01 Certifying Faculty Teaching Credit Bearing Courses
AP 3.10.01 Admissions and Registration
AP 3.10.02 Student Success: Academic Fresh Start    
AP 3.11.01 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Educational Records Compliance and Procedures
AP 3.12.01 Placement
AP 3.12.02 Developmental Coursework Sequencing
AP 3.12.03 Developmental Curricula
AP 3.20.01 Assessment of Prior Learning
AP 3.21.01 Transfer and Prior Learning Credit
AP 3.25.01 Advising and Orientation
AP 3.25.05 Program and Service Review
AP 3.30.01 Academic Standing Policy
AP 3.31.01 Student Complaints
AP 3.46.02 Disability Documentation Requirements: Establishment of Eligibility for Services under ADA/Section 504
AP 3.46.03 Nondiscrimination of Students On the Basis of Disability—Academic Adjustments and Other Accommodations
AP 3.46.04 Guidelines for Utilization of Service Animals for Individuals with Disabilities
AP 3.46.05 Access and Disability Resources Community Advisory Committee (ADRCAC)
AP 3.46.06 Complaint Procedure for Students with Disabilities

4. Finance and Administration

AP 4.01.04 Grants 
AP 4.06.01 College Travel  

5. Human Resources

AP 5.01.01 Filling Authorized, Vacant, Regular, Staff and Administrator Positions
AP 5.01.02 Faculty Hiring Process
AP 5.01.05 Disclosure of Conflict of Interest – Pecuniary or Proprietary Interest
AP 5.10.01 Lactation Room
AP 5.10.02 ADA & Equal Opportunity, Electronic Information Technology Accessibility Guidelines
AP 5.15.01 Faculty Emeritus Status    
AP 5.15.02 Recognition at Board of Governors Meetings

6. Legal

AP 6.01.01 Legal Services
AP 6.06.01 Intellectual Property Ownership

7. Audit

AP 7.01.01 Internal Audits   

8. Facilities

AP 8.05.03 Mandatory Reporting - Abuse of a Minor or Chid
AP 8.08.01 Firearms and Other Weapons

9. Information Technology

AP 9.01.01 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
AP 9.01.02 Data Trusteeship
AP 9.01.04 College-Issued Mobile Device Security