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List of College Administrators

Office of the Chancellor

Lee D. Lambert, Chancellor 206-4747
Jeffrey Silvyn, College General Counsel 206-4678
Rachel Schaming, Interim Transition Officer 206-4683
Esparanza Duarte, Special Assistant to the Chancellor (Acting) 206-4769

Office of the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Services

Dr. Dolores Duran-Cerda, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Services 206-4999
Julian Easter, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 206-4973
Bruce Moses, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Accreditation and Quality Improvement 206-4514
Dr. Karrie Mitchell, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs 206-4973
Dr. Nicola Richmond, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness 206-4934
Kate Schmidt, Executive Director for Faculty Affairs and Development 206-4725
Vacant, Executive Director of Financial Aid and Title IV Compliance 206-4950
Hilda Ladner, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer 206-4999

Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Dr. David Bea, Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration 206-4519
Alison Colter-Mack, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources 206-4620
Dr. Raj Murthy, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology 206-4809
Daniel Soza, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance (Acting) 206-4308

Office of the Vice Chancellor for External Relations

Lisa Brosky, Vice Chancellor for External Relations 206-4850
Elizabeth Howell, Executive Director for Media, Community and Government Relations 206-4778

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Facilities

Bill Ward, Vice Chancellor for Facilities 206-2610
Christopher Albers, Executive Director of the Department of Public Safety 206-2692

Office of the President of Community Campus and East Campus

Dr. Lorraine Morales, Campus President
 - Community Campus Office 206-6577
 - East Campus Office 206-7619
Dr. Darla Zirbes, Campus Vice President (East Campus) 206-7619
Dr. Irene Robles-Lopez, Vice President of Student Affairs, Academic Advising and Retention 206-3982
Regina Suitt, Vice President of Adult Basic Education for College and Career 206-6500
Michael Amick, Vice President of Distance Education 206-6509
Dr. Ian Roark, Vice President of Workforce Development 206-6424
Jim Craig, Dean of Business 206-7694
Dr. Janice Kempster, Dean of Distance Learning 206-6508
Dr. Suzanne Desjardin, Dean of Social Sciences and Student Affairs 206-7666
Amanda Abens, Dean of Workforce Development and Continuing Education 206-6593

Office of the President of Desert Vista Campus and West Campus

Dr. Morgan Phillips, Campus President
 - Desert Vista Office 206-5001
 - West Campus Office 206-6752
Ted A. Roush, Campus Vice President (Desert Vista Campus) 206-5098
Dr. Gregory Busch, Vice President of Instruction and Transfer Pathways 206-6782
Dr. Ricardo Castro-Salazar, Vice President of International Development 206-6751
Dr. Ann Parker, Vice President of Student Affairs and Transitions 206-6677
James Craig, Dean of Allied Health Programs 206-6916
Vacant, Dean of Arts and Humanities 206-6690
Edgar Soto, Dean of Athletics, Fitness and Wellness 206-6005
Dr. Jeff Thies, Dean of Developmental Education 206-7215
Brian Stewart, Dean of Education and Student Affairs 206-5105
Dr. Joseph Gaw, Dean of Nursing 206-6661

Office of the President of Downtown Campus and Northwest Campus

Dr. David Dore, Campus President
 - Downtown Campus Office 206-7100
 - Northwest Campus Office 206-2111
Dr. Aubrey Conover, Campus Vice President (Northwest Campus) 206-2216
Dr. Lamata Mitchell, Vice President of Instruction and Academic Operations 206-7052
Yira Brimage, Vice President of Student Affairs and Engagement 206-7263
Gregory Wilson, Dean of Applied Technology 206-7134
Kenneth Chavez, Dean of Communications 206-7102
Nina Corson, Dean of Mathematics and Student Affairs 206-2206
Emily Halvorson-Otts, Dean of Sciences 206-2180