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College Climate Cooperative

Created in 2014, the College Climate Cooperative (CCC) assists the College in identifying and addressing issues that impede our goal of creating a culture of excellence.

The CCC is representative of the College community, both in the roles that individuals in the CCC have at the College and also in reflecting the diversity found at PCC and the Tucson community. 

We continue to evolve as others express interest in joining the effort to enhance the institutional climate and help establish:

A High-Functioning Workforce

  • Developing supportive, respectful and effective leadership
  • Engaging and developing all employees
  • Mastering open and honest communication at all levels
  • Fostering and sustaining high morale at all levels

A Student-Centered Focus

  • Preparing students to be productive in their chosen fields and in the community

A Premier Community College

  • Excelling as the community partner of choice
  • Exceeding all HLC reaccreditation requirements
  • Expecting highly effective transparent internal controls